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First College Football Game and The Toyota Tailgate!

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I attended my first college football game and got to check out the University of Colorado football field, the awesome new Toyota Tacoma at the Toyota Tailgate and enjoy some genuine school spirit. 

Disclosure: We were invited by Toyota to experience the #ToyotaTailgate. All opinions are my own. 

My First College Football Game and The Toyota Tailgate

Toyota Tailgate

If you have been around the blog for a while, you know that we are huge Toyota fans.  I have loved the brand for a long time and been a long time customer of theirs.  When they asked us to check out some new Toyota’s and take in a University of Colorado football game last week, we were all in. 

On Field at Folsom

The husband and I suited up for the blackout game against USC and headed west to Boulder to check out Folsom Field, Toyota and cheer on our Buffs in black and gold!  We arrived and headed to the Toyota tent for a quick tailgate!  

CU bubbly

Being the amazing blogger I am, I forgot to take photos of the food but just imagine, spicy fried chicken, green chili mac n cheese, cheddar biscuits and some of the most amazing whoopie pies I have ever eaten.  I was too busy grubbin’ to get that photo I guess…but of course, I did snag a photo of the awesome CU Buffs bubbly, so clearly we see my priorities here. 

Toyota Tacoma TRD

No tailgate would be complete without a tailgate and the Toyota Tacoma TRD was the perfect addition to our experience.  We have driven and owned several Toyotas but we have yet to own or even test drive one of their pickup trucks.  Believe me, we were surprised when we realized this too, especially since we just recently were at our local Toyota dealership looking for a new family vehicle. 

University of Colorado Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma has a sweet body and is available in 4 doors with plenty of room for the family.  It is a mid-size pickup truck and has a towing capacity of 6000+ lbs.  It features Toyota’ infotainment system and good safety ratings.  

CU Toyota Tacoma

I wish we would have been able to take this truck for a drive, but now we have even more reason to get back to a dealership!  I really liked the look and feel of the truck and my husband was all about it, loved its off-road appearance. 

On the Field!

I am no stranger to Folsom Field and the University of Colorado.  I was a cheerleader and then I coached high school cheerleading for years and we often attended camp at CU and we were frequently in the field house that is attached to Folsom Field.  However, I have never been on the field.  

CU Buffs Goalpost

I was pretty excited to get on the field, check out the turf and get some “insta-worthy” photos.  Full disclosure, I definitely tried to jump and hold onto the goal post and I am 99% certain that everyone was laughing at me when I completely failed.  

On the field of CU Folsom Field

Honestly it was really fun heading onto the field, taking some photos and seeing everything from that point of view.  That stadium is massive and honestly it is so beautiful.  Encased in gorgeous brick and seating for over 53,000 CU fans, it was quite impressive.  

My First College Football Game

I went to 2 universities.  I never once attended a football game.  As a cheerleader and a coach, I spent so many nights on the sidelines that I think at that point I was over being at games, but let me tell you, it was fantastic to be in the stands and enjoying the game as a spectator! 

Couple at football game

My husband and I really enjoyed sitting with the (very clearly hardcore) CU fans and cheering, high fiving and of course taunting the refs during the game.  I loved watching the band, the student section and of course the team play.  It was fantastic and so full of energy and excitement that we walked out of there floating on air, but exhausted at the same time. 

CU vs Cal

Sadly our boys were not able to pull out the win, but it was a close and very intense game.  We were so thankful to Toyota for hosting the tailgate and giving us our first college football experience.  It was such a good time and something we look forward to doing again soon!

What did you think of my first college football experience and the Toyota Tailgate?

Sharing is caring!

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