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The Key To Great Skin is Image Skincare

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Two years ago if you would have told me that my skin would have less wrinkles, be acne free and that I would walk out the door without makeup on the regular, I would have laughed.  Image Skincare changed all of that and is truly the key to great skin.  Read on to learn how you can find your perfect skincare routine and how easy mine is to follow!

Disclosure: I am partnering with Image.  All opinions are my own. 

The Key to Great Skin

The Key to Great Skin is Image Skincare

Over a year ago, I fell head over heels for Image Skincare.  After having a hysterectomy, my body and my hormones went into overdrive and my skin took the brunt of the changes.  I was introduced to Image Skincare through my friend who is also an esthetician.  She gave me a sample pack of the Vital C line and after a week of use, my skin already was improving. 

The Key to Great Skin

A year later, I have a solid skincare routine with Image products that rock, and my skin really looks incredible.  The hormonal acne has subsided a lot, although my skin is naturally very sensitive and splotchy, the redness that I normally see is nothing compared to what it was and even the scars that were beginning to form are fading.  All it took was getting into a quick routine and knowing what my skin needed to be healthy. 

Image Skin Quiz

After trying out my sample pack, I went shopping on the Image Skincare website.  I found the Skin Quiz they offer and took it by skin concern.  It took less than 5 minutes for me to get through the quiz and at the end it offered me a step by step product list to order based on my skin problems. 

Image Skin Quiz

Four products was all that I needed to have beautiful skin.  Now I see those prices, but let me tell you, I use these products every single day and a little goes a long way and these last for about 3 months or more and they often have a percent off.  It costs me about $75.00/month to have great skin, which is less than the cost of a facial. 

Image Skin Quiz Results

I also love that it is just 4 products and that they specifically target my personal skincare concerns.  It takes very little time for me to run through this in the morning and evening and I love how fresh my skin feels after. 

My Skincare Routine with Image

You can see above that Image gives you a 4 step routine.  I personally do those 4 steps a bit different but I am getting great results.  I always start my morning by brushing my teeth and then washing my face with the Ageless Total Facial Cleanser.  Using a dime size amount of cleanser, I gently rub this into my skin and then rinse off with tepid water. This wakes me up and gives my skin a refreshing burst.   

Image Ageless Total Facial Cleanser

The Ageless cleanser has a 3-in-1 formula that removes make-up, balances the pH of the skin and gently exfoliates.  It has a good scent to it and really does awaken the senses.  Once I have cleansed my skin, I grab my FAVORITE, Vital C hydrating anti-aging serum.  I am seriously addicted to this serem.  It smells incredible with just the right amount of citrus and the minute I place it on my skin, I can feel it soak in and instantly hydrate. 

Image Vital C Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum

I just need one pump of the serum and I am good to go.  The Vital C serum is a best seller and it helps to soften the appearance of wrinkles, hydrate the skin and fight environmental damage.  After the serum I put on my Prevention + daily matte moisturizer.  I naturally have oily skin so it is a must to have the matte moisturizer. 

Image Prevention+ Moisturizer

Everything with Image smells so good and this moisturizer is no exception.  In addition to smelling great it truly moisturizers without feeling heavy or oily.  It has an 32 SPF rating and microsponge technology that helps absorb surface oil and gives a flawless finish.  It can also be used as a primer before makeup application.  Personally, as long as I am not having a breakout (which is pretty rare now), I just throw on some eyeshadow and mascara and am good to go.  What you see above is basically what I look like regularly. 

Ageless Total Repair Creme

In the evenings, I quickly cleanse my skin with the Ageless cleanser.  Every other night I use the Ageless Total Repair Creme.  I have to admit, this cream is STRONG and I personally have to do it every other night or my skin definitely will dry out.  The Ageless total repair creme has encapsulated retinol which is a great product that increases cellular turnover and collagen production.  On the nights I do not use the creme, I just use the Vital C serum and Prevention+ Moisturizer. 

Image Skincare Routine

My skincare routine has truly been a huge blessing to me and life changing.  The key to great skin is Image skincare and I am 100% a huge advocate for this. I have noticed a huge shift in how it looks, feels and even am seeing less wrinkles!  So worth it. 

Yana Collagen

Speaking of wrinkles, getting old stinks lol.  However, there is a lot that we can do internally to help your skin keep its elasticity and hydrated while even decreasing those wrinkles.  I wanted to give Image’s Yana Collagen Shots a chance to see if I could improve my skin even more.  I ordered a 28 day pack of Yana beauty liquid and started on my internal skin journey.

Yana Collagen Shots

I have to admit, the flavor was not my favorite.  I do not like protein drinks and collagen is a protein that your body needs, however, it was a quick shot that I washed down with 16oz of water and then I move right on.  I noticed that my skin felt like it was glowing more and that it was definitely more plump.  My mom even told me that she thinks that my wrinkles are less noticeable.  

Image Skincare Results

I adore my skincare routine, I am loving trying out the Yana collagen shots and working on both the inside and outside of my skin needs and I am so glad that I have found the key to great skin with Image Skincare.  It has changed my life. 

Are you looking for the key to great skin too?  Let me know if you have any questions. 


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