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Simple Ideas To Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Winter is in full swing which has a lot of us beginning to think about warmer days and spring and summer fun!  We have spent a lot of time at home these past few months and worked on a lot of our own home improvement.  Check out these simple ideas to upgrade your home’s curb appeal as you plan your next home improvement DIY.

Simple Ideas to upgrade your home's curb appeal

Simple Ideas to Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Starting 2021 with staying at home might have seemed like a great idea last year but now that we’ve been in a global pandemic for the last 9 months, staying home might be the last thing you want to do. However, being at home means looking at your four walls with a fresh perspective. Perhaps there are projects you’ve wanted to get accomplished both inside and outside your home that you can now get done. Below are some quick projects you can get done over a weekend as well as other ideas that might take a bit longer but worth the investment of your home in the long run. 

  1. Paint Your Front Door: While this might seem like an easy project to do over a weekend, it’s one of the biggest curb appeals you can do for your home. The hard part is picking what type of paint you want to use. Choose a subtle shade that really blends with your home’s existing materials or add an unexpected color with a splashy hue. This budget-friendly project can actually be done in a few hours to quickly boost its appeal and give your home a new look!Blue front door
  2. Let There Be Light: Another simple and inexpensive way to add curb appeal to your home is adding light to the outside of it. Highlight pathways and trees with low light landscaping. This not only adds a dramatic effect to your home’s nighttime appeal but also can improve the safety too. You could add solar landscaping lighting to also help save on energy and go green outdoors. Don’t forget to add lighting to the backyard as well for pathways, your deck area, and around the landscape for outdoor use too.Beautiful wood deck
  3. Fix The Broken Wood: Over the winter months, your deck can take a big toll on harsh snow, ice, and storms that come through. Make sure to check on it when the warmer months come and you are wanting to enjoy your space again. One of the big things I look at is fixing any wood planks that need to be replaced. That can be expensive over time to fix various boards so I turned to a company that helps not only replace boards but also can give me a great idea on what type of hardwood to purchase so I am not needing to do this year after year. The friendly staff at Brazilian Wood Depot offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise on what to purchase, questions to ask, and any advice on how to get started. For starters, you have plenty of hardwood to choose from that are all fire and insect resistant. Many popular decking includes Ipe, purpleheart or my personal preference, Tigerwood decking because it resembles the stripes of a tiger within the grains.
  4. Add A Rug: A room isn’t complete without a rug! It adds a relaxing appeal not only inside your home but also outside as well. It can also bring softness to your patio, front porch, or deck area and encourages guests to sit, linger, and talk for hours. I like to place a few tables nearby for drinks that are an arm’s reach ( and also because I love hosting so I never want my friends to leave ). It’s also another way to add a pop of color to an area. I love adding cool blue tones in the summer with a few pops of hot pink or yellow to give a very sunny vibe. If neutral is more your idea of comfort, there are many great options such as a bamboo rug to give the feel of being in a jungle oasis.Outdoor patio rug
  5. Plants: This is another great and simple budget friendly idea to add some curb appeal to your home. Plants don’t need to be just in the lawn area but you can also add a few potted plants hanging on your porch, on either side of your door frame, or even on a table that you have. To dress up your windows, you could install window boxes filled with lush foliage to help bring some life to your home’s exterior as an idea. Outdoor Patio Plants

There are plenty more simple ideas to upgrade your home’s curb appeal but these are just a few that you can get started either this weekend or add to your to-do list to begin in the warmer months. Whatever the project you want to get started on, set goals both small and large to help you get it finished and moved onto the next one. As far as larger ones go, make sure to spread out the projects so you don’t become overwhelmed and begin researching now to help make the decision later. 

Which of these simple ideas to upgrade your home’s curb appeal are you ready to try?

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