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Adult Acne: Finding Relief with Image Skincare

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Adult acne is something that many people deal with and yet no one talks about.  I have struggled for years with this after my hysterectomy and now I am sharing my story and how I found relief with Image Skincare.  

Disclosure: I am partnering with Image Skincare.  All opinions are my own. 

Adult Acne: Finding Relief with Image Skincare

Life After my Hysterectomy

2 years ago I made the best decision of my life.  I had a hysterectomy at 32 (well almost 33) and it was life changing.  I can honestly say that I have never felt better physically.  However, there have been some side effects that I was not prepared for at all. One of those was acne, which is a less common side effect, but one that I have been facing. 

Confident woman

Although the side effects of the hysterectomy compared to the living heck I was dealing with almost on the daily are much easier to deal with, the acne has been something that I have emotionally struggled with for a while.  Since I had my hysterectomy, because I was severely anemic, and making like 3 to 4 times more blood than any human should be to just keep up, my body was in hormone and blood production overdrive for nearly 8 years.  

before image skincare

When the reason for making all the blood was removed and my body was able to keep the blood it was now making, it adjusted, but the hormone production has not.  My face and back are dealing with the effects of this and what I now deal with is painful cystic acne and general breakouts.  My face is in a constant state of pain, swelling, redness and general discomfort and to feel even a remote sense of self confidence, I was piling on makeup that I really don’t like wearing. 

Finding Relief with Image Skincare

That was until I started seeing an amazing esthetician who introduced me to Image Skincare.  I have tried everything for this acne.  From topical prescription creams to antibiotics, to drugstore cleansers, diet and more.  Nothing seemed to work long term (were talking longer than a week). It was frustrating and up until these last 2 months, I was sure nothing was going to fix my skin and I was doomed to a life of caked on makeup and acne scars. 

Image Skincare vital C line

I had a facial in early July.  I have had them before like once a year and when I initially set up my appt, I figured it would be the same. The facial was incredible and my esthetician gave me a 1-2 week sample of the Image Skincare Vital C products that she used on my skin with explicit directions to use them as directed, since I had also had a peel.  Well I did exactly as she said and one week in, I had her order me the full size products.  One month later I contacted Image Skincare and asked to partner with them. 

Image Skincare Prevention +

I have to be honest, prior to trying these products, I was a skeptic about spending money on the more expensive products when obviously the drugstore products had the same stuff in them.  Right?!?  No, WRONG, so dang wrong.   I am a frugal lady when it comes to some things and like most moms, spending money on myself is never a priority.  However, Image Skincare changed my opinion, and I am now a 100% investing in me.  I have to take care of myself properly, if I want to be the best mom I can be and self-care is something that we should absolutely be showcasing to our children. 

The Struggle with Creating a Skincare Routine

21 days.  That is what I told myself after spending money on myself to better my skin, my self confidence and myself as a whole.  I was already a week in when the full size products arrived and I knew that I just had to make it 21 days.  That is the timeframe that some experts somewhere say it takes to create a habit.   

Image vital C enzyme Mask

I am NOT good at creating habits.  Sure, I get up and brush my teeth and I am good at routines, so mornings are almost always the same and so are evenings, but changing that, whew, it is almost always a losing battle.  However, I spent the money, I was going to do this and so each day, when the kids were getting themselves ready for bed, I started into my skincare routine and every morning after brushing my teeth, I made sure to do the skincare routine. 21 days flew by and the changes were noticeable. It was not always easy and of course your skin will typically purge as it gets used to a new routine, but 21 days came and went and I am so happy I stuck with it.

After Image Skincare

My friends and family were commenting about my skin clearing up.  I was not having to touch up large blemishes out of photos (yes, I did it and no shame).  I was able to go out with minimal to no makeup and the breakouts have been less severe by a lot.  The picture above is foundation free.  The only makeup I have on is eyeshadow and mascara.  No touch-ups, no hiding my ugly secret, just a fresh face and a more confident version of me.  I am so glad I took on that 21 day Image Skincare routine. 


Tell Me More About Image Skincare

I love Image Skincare.  Before finding out about them, I did not realize how important a skincare routine with QUALITY products was.  Image Skincare is a clinical skincare brand that features safe and proven ingredients and botanicals.  Developed by an esthetician and plastic surgeon and supported by over 20,000 skincare professionals they strive to help everyone achieve happy, healthy skin and age later. 

Image Skincare various products

Image has a HUGE variety of products that are masterfully formulated by top chemists.  I personally started with their Vital C line and use it religiously, however, after partnering with them, they sent me a few other goodies to try out as well!  Check out my thoughts on these amazing products. 

Vital C Line

You already know that this is where I got my start and what I use daily.  There is over 10 products in the Vital C line and you guys, it smells like sweet oranges and heaven when you use it.  My skincare routine consists of 4 of the products from this line.  The hydrating face cleanser, the anti-aging serum, the enzyme mask and hydrating repair creme.  I use the cleanser & serum both in the morning and evening and then I use the repair creme at night.  The enzyme mask I use 1-2 times a week and boy does it feel like my face is getting a gentle scrub.  My skin feels so much softer, supple and fresh.  If you have dry, sensitive or redness-prone skin, this line is for you!

Ageless Facial Cleanser

I have to admit, I wasn’t prepared for this cleanser after using my beloved Vital C line.  It was a minty fresh cleanser that woke my senses right up.  Formulated for combination and aging skin, the Ageless facial cleanser exfoliates while removing makeup and balancing the skin’s pH.  I have used this in the evenings for the past week and so far I am definitely seeing less bumps a smoother complexion and I feel like my face is tighter. 

Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturizer

I have to admit, I ordered the hydrating version of this moisturizer and after 2 weeks, I was over it.  My skin is oily and I could not handle the way it felt.  I was elated to learn that Image Skincare makes a matter version of this combination moisturizer and SPF.  The moisturizer is a bit thicker then I was used to, but I really feel like it gives my face both the protection and smooth finished look (with or without makeup).  It is also rich in antioxidants which help the skin repair itself. 

Iluma Intense Brightening Serum

This product smells phenomenal.  All of the Image Skincare products smell great, but this one delights the senses and excites me to put on!  When I was talking with my esthetician as well as my rep at Image, I told them that I was dealing with uneven redness and what I really feel like is rosacea.  My skin is SO sensitive that even a gentle scratch welts up and stays, so you can imagine how red my skin can get when it is inflamed from acne.  The Iluma Intense Brightening Serum has been so helpful in evening out my skin tone and for sure is a staple from now until forever. 

the MAX Stem Cell Creme

This is an addiction.  I didn’t know I needed this until it made its way into my heart and now, just wow.  Full of antioxidants and peptides (those are proteins folks, and your skin is one big protein), the MAX delivers a powerful punch to support collagen remodeling, slow down aging and tightening with results happening overnight.  Yes, overnight.  One use and I was a believer.  My forehead wrinkles are decreasing, the bags under my eyes are going away, the loose skin around my jawline has all but disappeared.  WINNER. 

Before and After Image Skincare

I am so incredibly happy that I have chosen Image Skincare, and I will be sharing SO much more as a brand ambassador.  The products have honestly changed my life and I hope that by sharing my experience, other women (or men) will take a chance, place and order and take 21 days to see the difference.  You can see my before and afters above and I know that my skin will only get clearer from here on out.  

For more information on finding relief with Image Skincare, check out their website

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Monday 7th of October 2019

I have hormonal adult acne and acne serum of dermalmd brand is the only thing that I have found to work for me. I like it because it is easy and fast. Some of the more complicated treatment systems involve so many steps and products. I just use this twice a day and it has significantly reduced my breakouts to almost 0. I would highly recommend trying it to see if it works for you too.


Monday 7th of October 2019

hey! Thank you for letting me know about dermalmd. I will have to check them out. Image has been amazing for me.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.