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Self Care Tips While Social Distancing

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Times are different and can be really tough right now.  I know that as a mom, teacher and wife I have been struggling to find my way through this crisis, so I decided to take some time to take care of me and I wanted to share those self care tips while social distancing that helped me to feel a bit of normalcy. 

Disclosure: I am an Image Skincare Ambassador.  All opinions are my own. Self Care Tips While Social Distancing

Remote Schooling and Self Care

We are almost 2 weeks into remote teaching and learning in our house.  It has been a challenge to be both a teacher to my 180 students and a parent to my own children as well as their guide through their own education.  There have been days where we are all rockstars and food is cooked, the house is clean, everyone gets a bath and school work and working from home goes smoothly.  Then there are days like yesterday where we all ended in tears and we are just over it. 

Remote Schooling Parent

As someone who has been struggling with my own mental health this past year, I think it is so important to recognize when you need to step back and give yourself some grace and time. Self care is something that we can do and allows us a bit of normalcy in this uncertain time. I wanted to share some of my self care tips while social distancing. 

Self Care Tips While Social Distancing

I had a breakdown earlier this week.  It happens, it will happen to all of us.  It is NOT easy to be at home, to obsess over pathogens, to be out of routine but still expected to carry on like everything is ok.  It was during that breakdown that I realized I had not taken care of my own needs and that I needed to do something for me to recenter and refocus.  I want to share what I did in hopes that others will take a moment for themselves. 

Tip 1: Relax in a Bath

I had not showered in like 4 or 5 days.  My days all seem to blend together and it is like groundhog day here. I often find that I am sleeping too much and then when I get out of bed it is a rush to get online to teach my students and then I am online helping my own kids learn and then its dinner and the dogs need something and the house is a mess and well, you get it.  

Relaxing Bath

The days blend and I am the last one to take care of myself so the other day, I got up and I took a bath, a long hot, bubbly bath with all the essential oil scents and I threw on some music while my kids watched a movie.  I allowed my mind and body to relax and by the end of that bath (and subsequent shower…because I needed to actually clean myself), I already felt better and definitely more human.  It was almost like that first shower you get after giving birth, just so needed. 

Tip 2: Get that Skincare Routine Going

After learning about Image Skincare back in July and then subsequently becoming an ambassador because I just love their products and what they have done for my skin, I was set in my skincare routine…until social distancing.  Everyday blends and I was no longer waking up with a routine or going to bed with one and my entire scheduled was a hot mess. 

At home facial

About 2 weeks into this my skin was a mess and full of breakouts.  Ugh, so bad and when you are already feeling down in the dumps and then you start having breakouts, you feel pretty awful about yourself.  The day that I decided to have a self care day was also the day I restarted my skincare routine and a few days in, my skin is already thanking me.  

Image Skincare Products

I went to my trust Image Skincare line and got to work.  I had a few new products to try out and then my trusty go-tos. My skin was dehydrated, sagging, splotchy and obviously full of breakouts and so I knew that I needed to show it some love. I used the following products to get my skin back in order, feel free to click through and learn more.

  1. Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser: This mild cleanser gently removes impurities while hydrating the skin and helping to restore softness and balance. Just what my out of balance skin needed. 
  2. Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum: This is my FAVORITE of all the products and helps with skin elasticity while fighting environmental damage.  Oh and it smells ahhhhmazing. 
  3. Iluma Intense Brightening Serum: Helping to address discoloration and redness, this serum is fast absorbing and works like a dream.  I have extremely sensitive skin and Iluma has been a lifesaver in helping to calm the irritants. 
  4. The MAX Stem Cell Serum: This serum is magic in a bottle.  It firms up the skin and is full of all sorts of goodness. I see less of my wrinkles and the damage that I do to my skin just disappears within a few uses. 
  5. Prevention + Daily Matte Moisturizer: My skin needs a good moisturizer.  Most of the issues with my skin come from the dry irritation and I have found that by keeping it super hydrated I see much less issues.  This moisturizer is the only one I will use. It has a matte cover and does not feel oily.  A little goes A LONG way with this and it has sunscreen in it too.  Love it!
  6. Iluma Intense Brightening Eye Cream:  One of the new products I decided to try out was their eye cream.  I have a love affair with the scent of Iluma and wanted to try the eye cream.  This eye cream has really helped firm up the skin under my eyes and reduce the appearance of those dark circles.  Worth it!
  7. AGELESS Total Overnight Retinol Masque:  Night time is the right time to get that skin looking and feeling beautiful.  The damage that you put your skin through during the day is repaired in the evening and to give that repair time a boost, this masque is the perfect companion.  I use it about 3 times a week and it goes on light and in the morning, I wake up to really hydrated happy skin. 

Tip 3: Do those Nails

I am an every two week girl at the nail salon.  It is the ONE thing that I typically do for myself and it is my me time.  I am able to chat with my amazing friend that does my nails and have fun creating designs and making art on these hands of mine.  I also get my nails done because I have paper thin nails that typically peel off and used to cause me a lot of pain.  After 3 years of regular manicures, my nails are stronger than ever, my cuticles are healthy and I am proud to show my hands off. 

At home gel manicure

However, nail salons are closed and my hands were feeling it.  So I purchased some gel polish and gave myself a manicure and it did a number for my self confidence. It wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t the time with my nail gal, but it was just enough to help me feel a bit more normal and that was much needed. 

Tip 4: Dress For the Day

I’ve been living in the same leggings and t-shirts for days at a time.  It wasn’t doing much for my mental health to be honest and I decided that I need to be getting up and getting dressed for the day that I want.  I want a productive day where I feel normal and ready to tackle life and so I need to dress for that.  Not that hanging in leggings and t-shirts is a bad thing, just that it really helped my self care to get myself back on some sort of normal routine and getting dressed was part of that. 

Self Care tips

I hope that you find a way to take care of yourself during this time of crisis.  I know that it can be difficult but I hope that you found some inspiration to do the little things in your life that bring you a bit of joy and help you get back to some sort of normalcy.  Please feel free to add your own tips in the comments of this post. 

What self care tips while social distancing would you add?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.