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Easy DIY Thank You Sign for Essential Workers

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Looking for a simple way to say thank you to those essential workers in your neighborhood?  Check out this easy DIY Thank You sign for essential workers using items from around your house!

Easy DIY Thank you Sign for essential workers

Thanking Those Essential Workers

It is not easy sitting at home, educating our kids and sometimes feeling like you are just not doing enough to help in this time of crisis.  In my family, the majority of us are essential workers in medical, public works, energy and manufacturing.  I partnered with Lowe’s this week to share our easy DIY Thank You sign for essential workers and I wanted to share the tutorial and Cricut file so you can quickly make something similar to share with your neighborhood.

Thank you sign for essential workers

Our sign was very quick an easy to make and honestly took a total of about 2 hours and that included the paint drying.  I was able to work on it, then move on and do a few other things and then come back to it as needed and it was very cathartic to be able to do something both crafty and to show our appreciation.

Easy DIY Thank You Sign for Essential Workers

The goal of this project was to use what you have at home.  We just recently finished remodeling our kitchen and being a scrapbooking lady, I am never without stuff to craft with.  To complete the project, you will need:

supplies to make thank you sign

I used chalk paint because that is what we had at home and I painted a quick thin layer of white on the piece of subfloor wood.  I had a lot of paint options to choose from but I chose the chalk paint because it drys really quickly and I felt like the vinyl would stick much easier with it.

Painted white sign

Once I had the wood painted, I got into Cricut Design Space and created this file, that you can easily remake.  I then set up a few of my Cricut Explore Air 2 mats and got to cutting out my designs.

Designing Thank You Sign with Cricut

I then used my weeding tool to remove all the extra vinyl and made sure to cut apart each individual piece so that I could easily lay them out on my blank wood.

Thank you Sign Design

I am a visual person, so I always like to lay out my design before I start sticking things down. Once I have it laid out, I then cut transfer tape and begin placing each of the vinyl designs down.

Laying Out Cricut Vinyl

I like the Cricut transfer tape because it is clear and you can use it typically more than one time throughout your design process.  All you need is your transfer tape, your scraper tool and your precut vinyl.  Just place the transfer tape over the design you want to place, use the scraper to gently press the design onto the transfer tape and then place the transfer tape with your design on your surface and use the scraper to help it adhere to the surface.

Using Cricut Transfer Tape

Once everything is laid out, you are ready to prep the wood for hanging.  We took our power drill and drilled a hole in each of the top corners and then using yarn, I threaded it through the holes and tied it off.

Essential Workers thank You sign

From there we were able to hang it from our planter hooks that are already up.  You could also modify this and make it into a yard sign by adding stakes and building a stand.  You could also just attache it to your railing.

Thank you Sign

I love how easy this was to put together and that you can see it from the street.  I am glad that even with social distancing we are able to share our appreciation of all those that are working to make this time easier and safer for all while providing those essential services that we truly could not live without.

If you want to make this easy DIY thank you sign for essential workers, make sure to get the file here and order the products linked through the post!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored in partnership with Cricut.  There are affiliate links in this post and any purchases you make through these links will result in a commission for me. 

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.