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{Guest Post} Laundry Room Tips with Heather!

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Thank you to Laura for letting me guest blog while she is on vacation in Mexico! Make sure to stop by my blog, Terrell Family Fun, as well for lots of fun ideas!
This past winter, my dad was able to expand out our laundry room, add some shelving, counter space, etc. It’s amazing what only a few extra feet in a laundry room can do. I can now finally move in there, fold laundry, sort, etc. Having an organized laundry room is so helpful. It can be storage for so much more than just clothing. When you have children, the high storage is also great for more dangerous items such as cleaning supplies!
I have yet to get my laundry room 100% organized, but I of course, have turned to pinterest for some great ideas! Below are some of my favorite ideas as well as a few steps on how to get your laundry room organized.

How to Improve your Laundry Room

  1. Clean! Clean out your laundry room from top to bottom and start over!
  2. Reconfigure. Get your laundry room configured the way you want and do any construction that needs to happen.
  3. Plan and Organize! Once you are ready, plan out everything you want to include and then start organizing! Purchase shelving, boxes, bins, etc that you may need. Pick one color theme and go with it.
  4. Decorate. Don’t be afraid to decorate it a little bit. Picking a color other than white or adding a wall hanging, candle, etc can go a long way to make the room feel brighter and better!

Laundry Room Organization Ideas

laundry room organization ideas Lazy Susan // Laundry Room Wall Art // Laundry Room Crates //Under Machine Baskets // Laundry Basket Storage // Laundry Room Peg Board Organizer // Laundry Room Ideas
What are your best laundry room organizational ideas?

Thank you SO much for guest posting Heather, I really appreciate it.  Please make sure to check out more from Heather over at Terrell Family Fun!  Her crafts, recipes and everyday life are awesome.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.