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Self Care During COVID & Laser Hair Removal Results!

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I have been on a journey this past year to take better care of myself and do things for me. One of those things has been laser hair removal. Check out how self care during COVID has gone and my current results from laser hair removal treatments at Milan Laser Hair Removal.

Disclosure: I am partnering with Milan Laser Hair Removal. All opinions are my own.

Self Care During COVID

Self Care During COVID

I am a person that needs self care. It is something that really helps me to feel mentally stable and centered. Self care can look really different depending on the day, but for me, uninterrupted showers, nice clothing, quiet time, a little getaway, a social media break and some pampering are all self care.  Therapy can also be an important part of self-care. If you have been dealing with any mental health issues like stress or anxiety due to the pandemic and stay-at-home orders, it’s important to reach out. You can always connect with the mental health professionals available online at BetterHelp.

Self Care During Covid

During the stay-at-home orders, we stayed. I struggled because I am a social person and I enjoy going out, but we sheltered at home and I did my best to take care of myself with at-home facials, nail care, online shopping and enjoying any quiet time I could find. The one thing that I could not do was laser hair removal and boy was I missing it!

Milan Laser Hair Removal COVID Protocols

I was nearing the end of my laser hair removal treatments with Milan when the pandemic started. I had about 5 months left (so, for me, probably 3-4 treatments), before my underarms would be hair free. Since laser hair removal is a process of, most people need 7-10 treatments per body area to be hair free, I was having to shave again and getting razor rashes and it was just unpleasant.

Milan Laser Hair Removal Waiver

When the stay-at-home orders were lifted I waited a bit to see how things would go before I ventured out. I finally decided to make an appointment with Milan to continue my treatments. Milan Laser Hair Removal’s COVID protocols are great and really made me feel comfortable coming in.

  • Time Between Appointments: Milan has spaced out the appointments to ensure that there is time to disinfect the treatment rooms as well as pens and surfaces that any customer may come into contact with. So if you use the bathroom, they disinfect, if you use a pen, they clean it.
  • Waiver: When you arrive, you are asked each time to read the waiver you see above and sign it.
  • Masks Required: You are not allowed into the facility without a mask on and it must be worn through the procedure (unless it is a procedure on your face in which case you can remove the mask during the treatment only). Every employee is wearing a mask as well (correctly I might add)!
  • Disinfectant and Hand Sanitizer:  As mentioned above, the employees are disinfecting everything and there is hand sanitizer available for you to use as well.

The Milan Lifetime Guarantee

I mentioned above that my hair “basically came back” and I had to start shaving. I want to make sure that I am clear in saying that it wasn’t back in full effect in any way, shape or form. I was at about 80% hair eliminated before COVID, but that 20% was still hanging on and through the pandemic and stress, it just grew.

Milan Lifetime Guarantee during COVID

I actually felt zero stress about the fact that I would be missing appointments or time because I knew that I have the Milan Unlimited Package—which is included with each body area. This guarantees that I will have permanent, lifelong results for one price with no touch-up fees or possibility of running out of sessions. I love that Milan cares about their customers’ results and knows that life happens, bodies change and you might just get stuck in a pandemic and need a little extra love.

Current Results

I totally wish I would have taken pictures every single time I had a treatment, but I totally suck and did not, however, I do have my before and current photos that I just have to share. When you have your first treatment, the provider at Milan takes photos of the area (I don’t think they do this for bikini areas). I requested my photos, so you can see the change in hair amount, skin and texture!

Armpit Before Laser hair Removal

You are required to shave prior to your treatment, but you can see the coarse hairs, the skin texture and the redness that I had just under a year ago in the photo above. I honestly do not even recognize these armpits at all. Looking at the current photo below, the results are astounding and truly just put a huge smile on my face! The lighting may be different but you can for sure see the change in the hair follicles, the skin and redness!

Armpit laser hair removal results

I love that I am back to not shaving and honestly I am a bit sad to be ending this journey and aspect of self care that I so enjoy. I really am going to look into doing other areas like my legs and possibly my bikini area (although, you guys, I am not going to lie, the pain scares me). I do love my results though and I love all the benefits that I have found since beginning my laser hair removal experience.

How has your self care during COVID been? 


Sharing is caring!

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Saturday 8th of January 2022



Friday 2nd of October 2020

I have both my underarm and Brazilian done. I can tell you yes it hurts but it is not like the waxing pain.


Saturday 3rd of October 2020

I really am thinking that legs and brazilian next. I am addicted

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