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I Decided to Try Laser Hair Removal and This is Why!

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Laser hair removal has always been something that I have been interested in.  I finally took the plunge and am sharing why I decided to try laser hair removal and everything you need to know about the consult, process and Milan Laser Hair Removal. 

Disclosure: I am partnering with Milan Laser Hair Removal for this series.  All opinions are my own. 

Milan Laser Hair Removal Colorado

Why Laser Hair Removal?

I have spent the last 10 years either growing humans or raising them.  Although I do my best to take care of my own mental and physical health, I often put myself on the backburner like most moms.  As my husband and I begin to work our way out of the mental health fog that we have lived in, I am finally taking time to take care of me. 

Happy lady in pocket dress

I have spent a lot of my summer doing things for myself.  I have been working on physical therapy for my extreme back issues and I have had massages and chiropractic work to help that as well.  I am working on my skin complexion and have been getting facials and peels to rid my skin of this stress acne. I go to the nail salon to pretty up those fingers and toes.  I am shopping and adding pieces to my wardrobe that make me feel amazing and I am getting laser hair removal. I am doing this because I want to and because I am over shaving and razor burn. 

Milan Laser Hair Removal

I honestly did not do a ton of research before I jumped in with two feet.  I had received a press release about Milan Laser Hair Removal and after reading through it, I decided to email them and see if they were interested in possibly working together.  They offered a consultation and time for me to learn more about who they are, what makes them different and see if this was really an avenue I was wanting to explore.  

Milan Laser hair Removal

Booking the consultation appointment was super simple, and only took a few minutes over the phone.  The employees there were extremely friendly and were eager to answer any questions that I might have.  I was glad that Milan Laser had several locations in Colorado to choose from and that they were accommodating with my schedule. 

Milan Laser Hair Removal interior

When I arrived for my first appointment, I was greeted by the absolute sweetest team ever.  Honestly, I think these women and I are going to be real good friends. We were chatting it up and laughing and having a great time and I hadn’t even had the consult yet.  The office was very nice, I loved the decor and crisp clean look as well. 

The Consult

I was pretty nervous for the consult.  Part of this was because I had my youngest in tow and she was captaining the struggle bus to behavior land and the other part was because I did not know exactly what to expect or how this would all go.  We went back to the private consultation room and sat down while the awesome employee talked me through a small presentation and answered all my questions. 

Consultation room

We went over what makes Milan Laser Hair Removal different, the price plans, what to expect, how the process works and then discussed my questions, concerns and payment plans. I loved that they had the presentation in front of me and that there was absolutely no pressure to buy.  You could tell that the employees there really loved what they were doing and that they understood that not everyone would jump on board, but at least they could educate them if and when they chose to pursue laser hair removal.

What Makes Milan Laser Different?

I really enjoyed learning about Milan Laser Hair Removal and what makes them different.  I feel like this is really important information to share with other people who are considering this avenue and also share some of the reasons that I really decided to commit to this process. 

Laser hair removal process

1. Top Notch Providers

I am a scientist and a strong supporter of modern medicine and technology.  One of the first things that was shared with me about Milan Laser was that they only have registered nurses and medically trained laser technicians performing the treatments and they are the only company that specifically hires RNs and exceptionally-trained laser technicians in Colorado. 

2. Laser Only

Milan Laser Hair Removal is just that.  ONLY Laser hair removal. Unlike other “spas” that are upselling you on every fad treatment out there, Milan is focused on providing their customers a quality laser hair removal experience that is no pressure and always guaranteed. 

3. Many Locations

They have over 50 locations nationwide with 6 locations in Colorado, 3 in Denver and a new location opening in Aurora on July 22nd!  You can make an appointment at ANY of their locations nationwide and your package will be honored.  

4. Only FDA Approved Laser

I was slightly shocked to learn that many laser hair removal companies are not using FDA approved devices.  Milan Laser uses the GentleMax Pro, which is a state-of-the-art FDA cleared laser for permanent hair removal.

5. Guarantee

The guarantee is what sold me.  You pay one price and you get as many sessions as you need to become hair free.  There are no touch up fees, no matter how long down the road or what the cause of the returned hair is.  

Treatment Time!

I went for it and you guys, I was only slightly terrified. I decided to do my underarms as my first body area.  If this goes well, then I will likely move to my legs and bikini area as well. I just figured I would start small.  Treatment for complete hair removal can take 7-10 sessions and is done in 5 week increments. I had the first one last week and will return in 5 weeks for the second. 

Laser hair removal treatment room

You do have to be freshly shaven for the treatment and Milan Laser Hair Removal has EVERYTHING you need to do that discreetly in their restrooms.  The nurse then preps the area and cleanses it. Once that is done, you put on some sweet eye protection and the nurse gets to work quickly lasering the area in a pattern.  My underarms took a total of maybe 6 minutes and the pain was very tolerable. 

Laser hair removal treatment

Speaking of pain, I can handle pain, but I do not enjoy it and I asked a few people and one of them described it as hot rubber bands snapping you.  WHHHHAT?!? So with that, I definitely told the nurse I was a little scared and to be gentle. However, the GentleMax Pro laser does a zap and a puff of cool air so I did not really notice the heat except one time and I think it was more of a quick pinch then a snap myself.  Really no big deal. 

First Treatment Results and Thoughts

Once the treatment was done, I definitely had to snap a photo.  I was surprised that my underarms were not very red and irritated as my skin is pretty sensitive.  I didn’t really have any side effects, aside from a very very mild tenderness. On average a person loses about 15% of the hair at each treatment and now that we are a week out, I can definitely tell that there is less hair in that area. 

Laser Hair removal first treatment results

I was told that the laser gets stronger with each treatment as the last hairs that are usually left are the strongest and need a good zap, so the tenderness might increase.  Overall, I am just really excited to share this journey with you, to chronicle my experience and to be underarm hair free by this time next year! 

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