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Top Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

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I have been undergoing treatment with Milan Laser Hair Removal for the past 3 months.  It has been life changing and I wanted to share the top benefits of laser hair removal that I have been experiencing. 

Disclosure: I am partnering with Milan Laser Hair Removal for this series.  All opinions are my own.

Current Laser Progress

In July, I started my journey with Milan Laser Hair Removal on my underarms. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive at the beginning of this experience. I worried about the pain, if the results would be worth it and overall the time commitment.

Laura Funk

We are now three treatments in and you guys, life has forever changed. All of the worries that I had prior to the start of this, have faded. My results are so far really amazing. Truly I shave my underarms maybe 1 time a week now, compared to daily, and I am noticing so many benefits that I never realized would be part of this experience.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Top Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  1. Less Hair: This is the obvious benefit and why you would want to sign up for laser hair removal. In just three treatments, I am hardly shaving, the hair that is still growing is softening and progress seems to be going super fast.
  2. Increased Self Confidence: My hair grows so quickly, and I am so busy. I might be able to get a shower in, but that is bare minimum, which may or may not mean that I was able to shave. As these treatments carry on, I am feeling more confident and less stressed because I do not have to worry about shaving and I am just overall feeling so much more self confident and free as I continue my treatments with Milan Laser Hair Removal. 
  3. Time Saver: Bottom line, if there is no hair, you do not have to take time to shave. TIME SAVER!
  4. More Relaxing Showers: I am a mom, showers are a luxury on some days and honestly they can be a chore when I am trying to wash and shave all the things. Now I have one less area to worry about and I can get in the shower, relax a bit and re-center before I need to get out and take on the day. 
  5. Softer Skin: I swear that the skin on my underarms is so much softer now and honestly, I am not feeling as sweaty as I used too.  
  6. Decrease in Razor Rash: I shaved every single day and invested a ton in quality razors. No matter the amount of money spent, razor rash was a part of life. Well, no more!  Since I am now shaving less, I am seeing a MASSIVE decrease in razor rash.

These are just the benefits I am noticing after 3 treatments and you guys, it keeps getting better and better!  Milan Laser Hair Removal has been everything I never expected and more. It seriously is changing my life. I am already planning on getting more areas done because it has just changed so many aspects of my life in a positive direction.

Tell Me More about Milan Laser Hair Removal

I get a million questions about Milan Laser Hair Removal. People are very interested in this progress and believe me, I am going to be sharing a “Top Questions” post soon, but for now, there are just a few things I want to tell you about Milan Laser Hair Removal.

Milan Laser Hair Removal

Milan has several locations in Colorado and boasts top notch providers that are registered nurses and medically trained laser technicians. They are professional and their only focus is laser hair removal. They guarantee your results for life by giving you unlimited sessions for life at no extra cost! 

Bathroom in Milan Laser hair Removal

In addition, the facilities are very nice. From the gorgeous waiting rooms that are fresh, clean and welcoming, to the consultation rooms that are warm and inviting, to the comfortable treatment rooms and the awesome bathroom. Yes, the bathroom rocks, they stock it for you to freshen up before and after treatment and keep that place spotless!

Laser Hair Removal skin Immediately After Treatment

As far as pain goes. The laser strength gets stronger with each treatment. For me, the first and second treatments were more uncomfortable but not necessarily painful. This last treatment, I took a picture about 2 seconds after they finished, so you can see the redness (the red line is from me scratching myself). There was only one point of the treatment that I thought, “yup, that stung a bit”, but really, the pain is pretty minor. I have had paper cuts that were more painful.

The benefits of laser hair removal have been incredible.  What would you like to know about the process?

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Aaron White

Thursday 5th of November 2020

It's great to learn that you can feel more confident and less stressed by getting laser hair removal. My wife is wanting to feel more confident in her skin and she was wondering how she could reduce the body hair she has. I'll be sure to research more about laser hair removal.


Thursday 5th of November 2020


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.