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Tips for Enjoying Water World During Busy Days

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We have all been to a place on a very busy day and immediately worried about how the day would go.  Recently we went to our local water park on the busiest day I have ever seen and had a great experience.  We wanted to share our tips for enjoying Water World during busy days to help others have a great day too!

Disclosure:  I am partnering with Water World.  All opinions are my own. 

Tips for Enjoying Water World During Busy Days

Our Water World Visit

Growing up as Colorado natives, my husband and I spent MANY summers at Water World.  We love this water park and do our best to make a yearly stop.  This year was a bit different as my husband just started a new job and was limited on time that he could take off.  We chose to spend our main family time this summer traveling a bit, but the kids and I were still dying to get back to Water World this summer.

Wally and Kids at Water World

We decided to invite my mom, sister and nephew and have a mom and kids day at the park!  Everyone was so excited and ready to spend a day together!  The day we picked was SUPER busy and rightly so because it was the hottest day in Denver this year!  Still, we had a wonderful time and wanted to share our top tips for enjoying Water World during busy days!

Top Tips for Enjoying Water World During Busy Days

When I say the park was busy, I want to tell you that I have never got to the park and not been able to easily park before they opened.  It almost made us all turn back, but we only had one day with all our busy schedules and these kids were ready!  We got in line and waited for the park to open and the day started.  We had a great day, but we definitely learned a lot about enjoying Water World during busy days and wanted to share that. 

Reserve Online & Get There Early

We typically get a bungalow and tube valet while we are at the park.  I have back issues and carrying those big tubes around the park is really painful for me, so I do get the tube valet to minimize the amount of waiting and tube carrying on my back. I was maybe the 10th person into guest services that day and already all the bungalows were rented and the tube valet wristbands were nearly gone.  

Kids Waiting on Tube

Water World does have a limited number of bungalows, cabanas and tube valet wristbands available for purchase online and I will tell you that from here on out, we will pre-purchase! If you have to purchase day of, you can also check out their sunrise sales.  Either way, plan to get their early. 

Take in the Views

One thing that I have always loved about Water World is that they take good care of their grounds and have worked hard to create beautiful spaces and attractions that are exciting, cool and interesting.  It was actually pretty nice to just take in some time and look around at the entire park and the beauty of it. 

Water World Pirate

Check Out the Kid Areas

Honestly, the busiest areas of the park were the family rides and the big slides.  The kid areas were still busy, but there was still so much for kids to do and we spent a large amount of our time going from one kids area to the next.  

Toddler swimming

I do love that Water World caters to all ages and interests.  They have areas for people to just hang out and tan or hang in the shade, they have yummy food, they have kid areas for ALL ages and rides for families, adventurers and everything in between.  There is always something for you to check out or ride and it really is full on family friendly fun!

Hang Out in A Pool

It was so hot.  All anyone wanted to do was be in the water and there is plenty of that at Water World.  So naturally on busy days, get in the water and hang out in one of their pools.  They have a few of them throughout the park and there was plenty of space for us to just swim and laugh and enjoy a great day, while cooling down and making memories. 

Family Swimming

Be Patient & Prepare Your Kids to Wait

Yes the park is busy and it is likely because it is so hot, but just be patient and make sure your kids know what to expect.  As soon as we saw the amount of people and lines we told the kids that instead of riding a ton of rides, we were going to try out some new areas and just spend as much time in the water as possible!

Water World Funhouse

This made our entire day much more relaxed and fun.  We just moved from one area of the park to another and if something had a small line we jumped in and rode, if not, we found an area to hang out and splash around.  

Ride Things With Short Lines

Yes, this is obvious but let me tell you how many parents we saw frustrated with standing in line while we were zipping by over and over riding something a little less adventurous but really fun.  Water World has over 46 rides and zipping around on a smaller slide 10 times is much better than waiting in line for 30 minutes to go down one big slide. View of lazy river from above

Get on the Gondola

The Funhouse Express Gondola is something that I have never rode.  Yes, I have been to Water World over 100 times and seriously, not once have I been on this ride.  It was really fun to get in, rest my legs and look at all the cool rides and areas that are being enjoyed by everyone in the park. Plan it, the line is short and your legs will thank you. 

Family riding the gondola

Busy days can be really overwhelming when you are trying to enjoy time with your friends and family, but if you go in with the right mindset and willing to let go of your initial plans, you will likely have a great day!

Do you have any tips to share for enjoying Water World during busy days?

Sharing is caring!

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