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Our DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floor & Decor. All opinions are 100% mine.

Several weeks ago, we set out to renovate our kitchen from drab builders plain to modern, fresh and bright. It took a lot of work, but in the end it was absolutely worth it. Check out our DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal in partnership with Floor & Decor.

Our DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal

Our Kitchen Renovation

When we started to discuss possibly redoing the kitchen over the summer, I thought it would never happened. It seemed to be a conversation that my husband and I would start and then we would dream and then something else would come up and we would forget about it. After all, our home was only 10 years old and it was still a very nice space, even without the upgrades we dreamt of.

Kitchen Before

It was basic builders plain with laminate countertops, maple cabinets and an island. We have an eat in kitchen and there is a small desk space. Our kitchen like most is the center of our household and although we did update the floors when we first moved in, we still just didn’t love the space that we spend a lot of time in as a family.

The To-Do List

You know when you get started on something and then it begins a snowball of other things. Yeah, that is exactly how this entire project went. Initially, our to-do list was small with just 4 main things to complete and about a month to get them done. Overtime, those 4 things, grew into about 12 and although we LOVE the space, it has definitely been a challenging time in our household.

Kitchen After

My husband and I do not live well in a mess. Construction is messy, remodels are messy and on top of it, we both work at minimum 40 hours a week outside of the home and this time of year is a busy time for us as it is. Yet, we went all in. On the list to complete:

  • Remove the tile floors & lay new floors
  • Replace laminate countertops with granite
  • Install an actual backsplash
  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the cabinets
  • Change the lighting throughout the entire house
  • Change the hardware (hinges, knobs, handles and more) throughout the entire house
  • Move the microwave over the oven
  • Replace the baseboards & paint them
  • Frame out the island
  • New deeper sink
  • New kitchen disposal
  • Install under-cabinet lighting
  • Paint doors

Purchasing the Supplies

Since our initial plan was mainly to focus on the floors, countertops and backsplash, we headed to our one stop shop for great prices and beautiful materials! Floor & Decor was wonderful and had a huge variety of affordable products and a staff that is very knowledgeable!

Floor & Decor

You can read more about our experience with Floor & Decor here. Bottom line is that, we had the best experience and will definitely be returning as we continue the smaller renovation projects throughout our house. If you are gearing up to do a home renovation, want to take on a smaller project or just want to dream board your next project, get to Floor & Decor now!

The Completed Projects

It took just over 6 weeks total of us working after our regular work days and on the weekends. By no means did we work around the clock and we definitely took some time to sit and do nothing as well, but we are FINISHED and it looks incredible.

White Cabinets and Drawers

We started with the cabinets. My husband and I sanded them and then we used chalk paint to coat them. We then added on handles and knobs to complete the look and also help with grimy hand’s that those kids of ours tend have. From there, we tore out the floors and laid these beautiful Duralux Windmill Oak Ridge Core Luxury Vinyl that we purchased from Floor & Decor.

Grey Laminate Floors

Next up was the backsplash and countertops. We had the countertops installed and then my sister and I worked on the install of the tile backsplash. We chose the Montage Chelsea Gray Glass Mosaic tile that we also purchased from Floor & Decor and really feel like it brought everything together so well.

Tile Backsplash

After the main 4 projects were completed, we then decided to take on a few others. The baseboards all had to be replaced because the previous tile floors were grouted into them and they were not salvageable. All the trim around the baseboards and doors had to be painted and with that we decided to make a stark change and paint all our doors a dark bluish grey.

Dark Accent Doors

My sister sent us a really gorgeous picture of an island that was framed out and my husband and I decided that we wanted to take our drab island and dress it up as a focal point. So we went ahead and added some framing and baseboards to the island and then used chalk paint to match the cabinets.

Framed Island

Finally we finished off the house by changing every hinge and doorknob from a golden finish to a brushed nickel. We changed out the sink to a deeper sink and put in a new disposal. We moved the microwave from off the counter to over the stove and finished all the new lighting. The result is gorgeous.

Our DIY Kitchen Remodel Reveal

Our new kitchen is bright, modern, fresh and beautiful. It is everything we dreamt of and more. I cannot believe the amount of love and work that went into making this space happen, but every moment that we spend in this space, we fall more and more in love. It is truly something that we are beyond proud of.

Final Kitchen Remodel Reveal

What do you think of our DIY Kitchen remodel reveal?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.