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DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

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I am really getting into making these money saving wreaths that are simple and cute. This particular wreath was one of my more expensive ones at about $12.00, but that was simply due to the adorable turkey that I could not pass up.  The rest of the materials were dollar store cheap!

I kind of love it.  I really thought I would try that really bumpy fluffy wreath this go around, and then I started messing around with the ribbon that I got and realized that it kind of looked cool overlapping with the wreath wire showing through.  I just continued to add embellishments and I feel like my final product feels welcoming and warm!  


  • Wire wreath mold ($1.00)
  • Some fake leaves ($1.00 for a bushel)
  • Some fake sunflowers ($1.00 for a bushel)
  • Package of foam gourds ($1.00 for a pack of 5!)
  • 2 rolls of wired fall festive ribbon ($1.00 each)
  • Hot glue
  • A cute turkey for the inside and a small piece of thin ribbon ($3.00)
  • A Happy Thanksgiving sticker ($3.00 for a large pack of stickers containing far more than I used)


  1. Gather supplies & heat up glue gun
  2. Start wrapping the ribbon around the wreath and overlapping as you go.  Use the hot glue to secure the ribbon
  3. Create three bundles of leaves/sunflowers/gourds and glue them to the wreath.  I started by layering the leaves, then adding the sunflower and finally attaching the foam gourds. 
  4. Attach your turkey to the wreath.  Mine is dangling from a small ribbon attached to both the back of the wreath and the back of the turkey.  I got this exact turkey from Michaels for 50% off 6.00 ($3.00 yo!)  He was meant for a pumpkin but I just used some hot glue and made him stand along and then hung him up.
  5. Stick your Happy Thanksgiving sticker on and hang on your door!
Happy Crafting Folks!
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Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.