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Summer Theme Week #2: Creatures!

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We are 1/2 way through this Summer Theme Week and I will have a picture montage and some review of all our activities later this week.  However, I know a few people are following along with me, so I wanted to share our plans for next week!  Our theme next week is “CREATURES”!

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Movie Monday:  We will hit up our local movie and catch “The BoxTrolls” In theater.  I plan on heading to the dollar store to grab some cheap snacks to bring with us to save some cash!  Remember that this summer is all about saving money and getting the most out of our time.

Time off Tuesday:  I am required to sign in for my classes and be online all day, so the kiddos will be playing in the dirt and enjoying a day with grandma.  When the come home later that evening, we may try a “bug filled” recipe!!!  More to come here.

Water Wednesdays:  As long as the weather plays fair (It is not playing fair today, so we are not able to do the splash park), we will be heading to our local water park for some fun with the human creatures.

Travel Thursday:  Oh this one I am so excited about!  Our local museum has an exhibit called “Mythic Creatures!”  I have some free passes to the museum and plan to catch this exhibit and a few other creature exhibits as well.  I know my son is going to love this one!

Family Friday:  Two of the main characters in the BoxTrolls are “Fish” and “Eggs”, therefore the kids and I are going to make some salmon and eggs for dinner!  A little nonconventional but still fun.  For dessert I am thinking about something that is sweet but with creepy crawlies like the BoxTrolls eat!

I am so excited for next week and hope that some of you join in as well.  The movie is on Netflix right now and every museum has some sort of “Creatures” that you can go see as well.  If you want to check out our plans for THIS WEEKS EARTH WEEK, Click here.  

How is your summer going?


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.