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#Summer Theme Weeks Recap and Adventure Week 6!

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Last week we took some time off, did a little bit of summer theme week stuff and then spent the rest of the week potty training and working on my little sisters wedding extravaganza that takes place in 12 days folks!  Let’s chat about our recap of last week and then jump into this weeks Summer Theme Week Plan!

Movie Monday:  My mom and I took the kids to see Penguins of Madagascar and it was cute.  The kids both sat through the movie well and although it is not my favorite movie of the theme weeks, it was still nice to get out.  I totally forgot to snap a photo but you can imagine.

Time off Tuesday:  We are getting into the crazy aspect of my masters program where I have a HUGE part of my research due on Wednesday and therefore I spent more hours than I care to even remember immersed in literature and prepping for my submission.  Typically my screen looks like this:

So many tabs and you do not even want to see my downloaded research folder.  Its like 100 articles and notes.

Water Wednesday-The Weekend:  I decided that I would take on potty training for the week and take a bit of time off from our normal schedule.  We still did a lot and I had a list a mile long to prepare for my sisters bachelorette party (recap coming soon), the actual wedding and school.

  • I spent pretty much a full night in front of my sewing machine doing two things.  First, I had to adjust our cushions for our camper as they were too big and I could not make them into a bed for the princess to sleep on.  In case I have not mentioned it here already, my sister is getting married in the mountains and everyone is camping.  For us it is a good 10 days in our 30 ft trailer that we renovated last year.  We still have a ton of work to do which will happen this weekend.  Second, well, I completely jacked my dress up while taking it in a bit.  It is minor honestly and this dress had like 16 layers which I have never seen on a dress before so it actually looks 1 million times better than I expected.  

The purple should line up at the top.  Good thing this goes under my arm.

  • Most of my days were spent cuddling kids, cleaning up accidents and trying to convince my toddler through bribery that potty training is awesome.  Here she is in her carseat on Day 1 (only 1 accident that day) on a puppy training pad because I thought it was genius.  Reality is that you should use something like Chux pads when potty training because the puppy pads release chemicals that could mess with the durability of the carseat.  #Momfail

More to come on this folks, but I think we are 90% there.
  • The rest of the week was spent planning for the beautiful wedding!  The other bridesmaid and I threw a beautiful bachelorette BBQ and then I also made the headpieces for my sister and the peanut.
I cannot wait to share pictures with you all!

Yes I made these, yes it was easy.  I just purchased a bunch of jewelry from Michaels and broke it apart then hot glued it together. 
So what is this weeks plan?  Actual fun.  Basically after today is complete I will hopefully have my grad school stuff under control, the wedding items finalized, and a plan of attack for the rest of the week!
This week is Adventure Week!  We are going to be preparing for our own travel adventure next week while preparing the camper and also going on a few other adventures of our own.
Summer Theme Week, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Denver things to do, Adventure Week

Movie Monday: Mr. Peabody & Sherman
Time off Tuesday: Grad School Extravaganza and a day with Grammy
Water Wednesday: Not sure where we will end up, but it will definitely include water!
Travel Thursday: My son’s been asking to go back to the zoo…this time we will be feeding giraffes!
Family Friday: Peter Pan Park!  I’ve never been and I cannot wait to go!

What are your plans this week?


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.