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How to Save Money on Kids Clothing with Kids on 45th

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Saving money is high on any parents list.  With back to school hitting the pocketbooks and seasonal changes along with the natural growth of our kids, we are constantly purchasing clothing.  Check out how we are saving money on kids clothing with Kids on 45th and grab the sweet discount code too!

Disclosure: I am partnering with Kids on 45th.  All opinions are my own. 

How to save money on kids clothing with Kids on 45th

Kids on 45th 

Busy mom does not even begin to explain how life is when school starts.  I am seriously that meme that floats around about just being proud that I kept my kids alive and met their basic needs.  One of those basic needs is clothing and you guys, at the rate my kids are growing (finally) I would basically be spending time at the stores constantly trying to build a wardrobe that actually fits them.  That is where Kids on 45th comes in. 


kids on 45th logo

What is Kids on 45th?  They are an awesome little subscription box company that allows parents to select clothing options online and then have them shipped to you.  However, what makes them unique is that they offer pre-loved clothing at great prices!  

How It Works

Kids on 45th is super simple to set up and was probably the easiest time we have had shopping for clothes.  Simply sign up for an account and then enter your children’s information.  From there, you just pick the item types that you would like and then the stylists will shop for you and send them your way!  

Kids on 45th dress

I loved that I was able to just say, that I needed a dress, some long sleeve shirts, pants and a few other items and boom, everything arrived on our doorstep.  You can mix and match what you need and for what child you are shopping and not only do they have gently used clothing, but they also offer some new items as well at really great prices!

Kids in hoodies

In addition, Kids on 45th offers a happiness guarantee that they really stand by.  We were missing one item from our order and their customer service jumped right in and made sure everything was remedied and the item arrived on our doorstep within a couple days of our correspondences!  With 20%-90% off over 600 retail brands, Kids on 45th is saving money, time and sanity for parents everywhere.

New & Used

I am always a fan of pre-loved clothes.  With the rate at which my kids are growing, I would go broke clothing these kids with all brand new clothing.  In addition, the sustainable biologist in me also knows that the amount of clothing that is trashed and in landfills is growing exponentially and we need to do right by the Earth. 

New clothes from Kids on 45th

Kids on 45th has it all right though. They have a massive selection of pre-loved clothing and are on the forefront of sharing that sustainability initiative with parents everywhere while saving us money too.  However, there are items that sometimes we just need to purchase new.  For our family that is underware and my sons pants.  This boy goes hard on pants and tears them up.  When I saw that I was able to buy new pants (and underware), I knew that Kids on 45th was the perfect place for our family. 

Why We Love Kids on 45th

My kids were so excited to actually have the clothes show up.  When the box arrived, we jumped right in and had a fashion show at home.  It was nice to have the exact sizes that we needed at our doorstep and that Happiness guarantee too.  I loved that all the clothes were in great shape.  Nothing was too worn out and everything was good quality. 

Kid Modeling

There was a large variety of brands in the box.  From Children’s Place to Tony Hawk, the clothing options were fantastic and exactly what I would have chosen for my kids as well.  The kids loved seeing what the stylists picked for them and were all about trying on different outfits, which I can never get them to do at the store.  It was so easy and such a relaxing experience for all of us. 

Kids on 45th sample

Here are a few other reasons we love Kids on 45th

  1. Quality Kids’ Clothing for a Great Price:  Not only do they have pre-loved clothing, but they also have new options too and it is all delivered straight to your front door for just about $4.00 an item.  Sizes range from newborn to 14/16 and the quality is excellent!
  2. Makes Life Easier:  Busy parents everywhere unite!  It takes about 2-minute to shop for the wardrobe items we need and then we just wait for them to arrive.  No decision fatigue involved and no arguing with my kids to try on clothes or choose between two items. 
  3. Time and Money Saver: Look I do not have to drive to the store, I am not spending hours searching clothing racks at secondhand stores or scouring the pages of online retailers while simultaneously searching for those promo codes.  Kids on 45th is a win. 
  4. Best Back to School Shopping: Back to school is so expensive and being able to get awesome clothing deals during a busy time that can also put a dent in the pocket book is so awesome.  They have some sweet deals on bigger kid clothes too!
  5. Low Prices:  You really cannot beat getting quality kids clothing for $1.99 with free shipping for orders over $65.00!  Prices range from $1.99 to $12.99.
  6. Stylists That Listen:  Although the items you get in your box are a surprise, the types of clothing you choose is listened to and sent your way.  With the Happiness Policy, if you don’t love something, it is a quick two taps on your device to get a credit for those items.
  7. No Subscription:  I love this.  I can purchase when my budget allows and hold off when I need.  I also appreciate that there are NEVER any styling fees.

Save Now

Kids on 45th is an awesome service and one that I hope other families will jump on board with.  If you are interested in checking them out and saving money too, I have a sweet referral code to share!  To save $10 on your first box, simply enter my referral code, “FUNK” at checkout!

Oshkosh kid

What do you think of Kids on 45th?

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