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3 Reasons You Need Personalized Name Labels

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Camps, athletic gear, back to school and more are coming upon us. Check out these 3 reasons you need personalized name labels and learn how you can get 20% off your Name Bubbles order too!

Disclosure: I am partnering with Name Bubbles. All opinions are my own.

3 Reasons you need personalized name labels

Name Bubbles Personalized Labels

Summer is almost here! This means that kids all over will be heading off to summer camps, sports and more. This also means that they will be hauling gear everywhere and that we will be labeling all the things to with our kids names to ensure they are returned.

Personalized labels from Name Bubbles.

Name Bubbles is a personalized name label company that aims to avoid “germy-mixups and the lost and found” with quality waterproof labels that last! They have packages for all needs including gear labels, back to school and even summer camp labels. Everything is dishwasher and laundry safe and many are made specifically for clothing as well.

Name Bubbles personalized name labels.

They really are labels for everyday life and have helped keep our kids items organized, together and easy to find when accidently left behind. I love that I can personalize the labels with as much information as I would like, including my kids names (or even nicknames), phone, address and more.

3 Reasons You NEED Personalized Name Labels

I never knew how many items I would be labeling for my kids. School supplies, computers, chargers, bags, dishes, clothing. athletic gear and more. I would spend hours writing their names on everything and honestly, I just do not have that time. Enter Name Bubbles and the 3 reasons you need personalized name labels.

  • Variety of options: Name Bubbles has a vast array of options for personalized labels. From clothing to medical to school and camp, you can find a label AND a design that fits your needs. These labels are a must have!
Name Bubbles Personalized camp pack
  • Easy to Apply: Each label is prepped and ready to apply. They stick to most any surface and stay as long as you need. Most labels are peel and stick and they are all organized on sheets that are labeled with identifiers such as “waterproof” “laundry safe” and “iron on”. They are a huge time saver!
placing name bubbles labels.
  • Safe for Clothing: Not only do they have peel and stick options for personalized labels, but you can also get iron-on options that are safe for clothing and so quick to apply. I love putting these on the kids clothing because I can by tagless clothing to place these on, instead of having to label their names on those itchy tags both my children dislike.
Personalized Name labels iron on

Currently Name Bubbles is featuring their awesome Camp Labels Packs. These help keep germs at bay, are designed to be extra durable and are not only washable but sunblock and bug spray-proof too! These personalized name labels are a must have for camp, sports and everything in between! Right now you can snag a set for 20% off! Check out the details below and click here to get your order going!

20% off Name Bubbles Order

Save now and visit Name Bubbles to get your personalized name labels today!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.