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3 Reasons to Check out Detective Agency for Osmo

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Learning through play has never been so easy and interactive. Check out the 3 reasons you need to check out Detective Agency for Osmo

Disclosure: I am partnering with Osmo. All opinions are my own.

3 reasons to check out detective agency from osmo

What is Osmo?

Osmo is an educational gaming system that works with iPads and Amazon fire tablets to deliver unique and exciting learning experiences to kids of all ages. Kids are able to work on reading and math skills, do puzzles, code and more with both the technology and hands on manipulatives.

What is osmo?

Osmo has a suite of interactive games and comes with a base and a reflective mirror that attaches gently to the camera on the electronic device. This allows the Osmo to “see” what the child is creating with the manipulatives and work through the game.

Our First Time Experience with Osmo

So about 6 years ago my husband and I purchased an Osmo system only to literally never open the box because we broke the iPad like the very same day. We had heard great things about it, but up until this week, we had not tested it out. Our first time experience with Osmo was pretty awesome and has us hooked.

Detective agency for osmo review

We were sent Detective Agency which is a puzzle based game that takes kids all over the word, finding clues while learning about different geography and cultures. The game is aimed at kids 5 and up and set up is simple; Place your device in the Osmo base, put the reflector over the camera, download the game and follow the prompts on the screen to play.

how to play detective agency on osmo

The game talks you through, gives you hints as needed and even has different languages to help you learn about the cultures and the languages spoken in the cities you are visiting. As you use your magnifying glass to find different landmarks and items, you are giving some fun facts about the items and places.

3 Reasons to Check out Detective Agency for Osmo

Detective Agency is just one of the many games that Osmo is currently offering, but we think there are a few reasons that you need to check it out!

  1. Interactive Learning: Look, kids are tired of just staring at a screen and tapping. Osmo is interactive, complete with manipulatives and keeps kids moving WHILE learning and playing.
  2. Education Based: Learning about the geography of the world and hearing the sounds, languages and more from the area is a fantastic way for kids to immerse themselves in the learning and aids in building background knowledge and experience around those topics they learn about in school.
  3. Everyone Can Play: Sure the game is aimed at ages 5+, but yesterday we ALL sat down to play and learn and chat. It was a great experience for all of us and allowed that time, that is often fleeting, for us to come together and play.
Playing Detective Agency for Osmo

Have you tried Osmo or checked out Detective Agency?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.