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3 Reasons Game Builder Garage Rocks

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Nintendo is at it again with Game Builder Garage! This awesome game brings families together for a little fun competition and creativity. Here are 3 reasons Game Builder Garage Rocks.

Disclosure: I am partnering with Nintendo. All opinions are my own

3 Reasons to Play Game Builder garage

Game Builder Garage

Game Builder Garage is Nintendo’s newly released game that has players learning and testing their programming skills and creativity to build their very own video games. It features guided lessons for all skill levels and creatures called Nodon who are representative of programming nodes and functions that help you create your ideal video game!

Game Builder Garage Gift package

Nintendo is life over here. Our entire family enjoys gaming and are big Nintendo fans here (so big that we have every single Nintendo console made). My son took the lead on this and has been consistently working through the lessons and is working currently on on about counting apples where he is building the background and obstacles within the game.

Playing game builder garage

He is learning so much about the terminology within programming, how various functions in the system allow him to build and send signals as well as problem solving and critical thinking.

levels on game builder garage

3 Reasons Game Builder Garage Rocks

Game Builder Garage is a huge hit in our house. Here are 3 reasons Game Builder Garage Rocks:

  1. Engaging: As my son gets older, it is harder to hold his attention. Children in this generation have had digital stimuli from an early age and often they move from activity to activity with little focus. Game Builder Garage engages the user while challenging them.
  2. Learn How to Code: My son wants to go into computer programming and focus on video game building or engineering. Kid has huge aspirations and I love that he has a passion and a goal. Game Builder Garage has allowed him to learn the basics of coding, the terminology and built a bit of background knowledge that he can use for his future.
  3. Fun For All Skill Levels: Each of us has actually taken a turn at testing out Game Builder Garage and although some of us are far better than others, we have all had success and learned a fair bit while also having a good time together. I love that no matter your skill level the game walks you through the lessons and teaches you exactly how to use the various functions to create a game and that each of us creates just a bit differently.
3 reasons game builder garage rocks

Are you ready to try Game Builder Garage?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.