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Our 2016 Recap

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The other day I went through my readers top posts from 2016 and now I wanted to do my favorite post!  A review of our own personal year!

January started with a focus on bettering myself, my health and my needs.  My husband and I attended a Nuggets game and had a blast.  Our oldest lost his first tooth and I made a great pillow for him to put his lost tooth in.  I chronicled my weight loss and diabetes struggles as well.

February we took our family to check out Marvel Universe Live, had our first snow day of 2016 but 3rd of the school year.  Our Broncos won Super Bowl 50 too!  I also began to prepare for our little peanuts 3rd birthday and I learned exactly why it is important to leave the haircuts to the professionals.

The month of March began with me eager to finish graduate school.  From there it was a mad dash to have our peanuts 3rd birthday and it was a smashing Frozen themed success.  Next up was Easter, which of course was ruined by my kid.  Then I admitted to myself and the world that I fell off the wagon.

April started with the most awful cold and my completion of the graduate program which had me asking “Whoa…What Happened”?  Once everyone was feeling ok, we were able to go to our favorite family event, Disney On Ice.  Finally, we had our little boy’s 6th Super Mario Birthday Celebration!

May started out with my graduation from my Masters program.  Then I was on my way to my very first blogging conference along with my very first trip to New York City!  The school year was winding down and my son had his first field day.  Then finals hit and school was out for all of us!  SUMMER!

While I had hoped that 2016 would offer a lot of success for our family, I learned that we were in for a ride of struggles in June and still tried to be optimistic.  Our little guy started playing T-Ball and did such a great job.  In addition, the husband and I, along with some friends and family took off on a wonderful trip to Cancun, Mexico.

In July, I was able to do a little guest room makeover which was wonderful.  We also started to fully prepare for my sister’s little boy and I shared her Nautical Baby Shower.  We were invited to The Melting Pot for a Superhero event and really had a wonderful time.  I also shared that although it appeared that we had a lot to be thankful for, I was having a hard time getting out of the funk that I was in.  July ended with our little family sharing a day at the Colorado Rockies game.

August was a month where I finally started to talk about some of the issues I was facing.  Along with that going on, we had to get a new roof, I had a car accident and we spent some time at the fair.  Our little boy started 1st grade and I was able to share a wonderful afternoon with an old friend.

We began September with a fun family camping trip over Labor Day.  However, the best part of my year was that I was able to share my sweet nephew with the world.  Our peanut started preschool and is thriving.  I also shared with my readers part of the reason that I was still struggling with depression.    Then our family was hit with the awful news that our dog was entering hospice.

October was pretty quick for us, mainly because we caught the flu!  However, earlier in the month we were able to take a drive up to see the leaves changing which was wonderful.  Also, I shared the 50’s photoshoot that my kids did!  It was awesome.

November, I jumped right back into the blogging business and it was blessed insanity.  I shared our Halloween costumes which were a huge hit.  I also met a huge goal to work with American Girl brand and make my little girls wishes come true.  We visited Santa and I also picked out Christmas cards.  The holiday season was in full swing.

Our year closed out with some happiness to share, our oldest was named Student of the Trimester.  Then I shared a bit more about where I was at in my depression and anxiety struggles.  Our holiday celebrations continued with my attempt at The Nutcracker, our family attending Disney on Ice and a wonderfully blessed Christmas.

2016 had its blessings and struggles and looking back it is nice to see that a year that felt very hard to get through really was full of love and time with family.  I cannot wait to see what 2017 brings.


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.