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Snow Day 2016

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In Colorado, snow days are a rarity.  If we are really, really lucky we get one every couple years and they are a blessed event.  A nice mid-week sleep in, snacking all day, watching movies, never getting out of PJ’s and even putting snow gear on over.  I love these days and as a teacher we hope for them just as much as the students.  This school year, the snow Gods have blessed us with 2 wonderful days.  We had one the last week of school in December and one yesterday.

I think in total we got around 8 inches of snow, but it is difficult to fully measure because of the snow drifts.  We had a nice day really doing absolutely nothing.  The kids destroyed the house, I blogged and watched movies and snuggled.  We played outside and snacked and has an all around wonderful day. 

I could not get enough of these two playing in the snow.  It wasn’t good snow to build a snowman in, but my little Elsa did not care one bit.  

My little guy could not wait to make a snow angel…

…but the puppies wanted to play too!

Oh boy did our pups play!  Getting them to come inside was probably a form of torture to them. 

I am in love with this picture.  I firmly believe that my dogs understand what fresh powder is and they relish in snow days too!

These majestic girls are all mine and so are those adorable kids!  Our snow day was wonderful and exactly as they should be.  No plans, snowed in and completely expectation free as well!

How is everyone else handling the weather?


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.