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We Tried the Chocolate Pen and Here is What We Thought

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If you have a little chef in your home, then you might have heard of the Chocolate Pen.  We tried it out and here are our honest thoughts on the Chocolate Pen. 

Disclosure: I was sent a Chocolate Pen for review.  All opinions are my own. 

We Tried the Chocolate Pen and these are our honest thoughts

What is a Chocolate Pen?

The Chocolate Pen is a kid-friendly decorating tool that can automatically load melted chocolate to be used to decorate whatever their little minds can create.  It is easy for kids to operate and allows them to draw designs, make molds and be as creative as they desire. 

The Chocolate Pen 2020

I can tell you that my own children were super excited to get the Chocolate Pen and try it out.  The Chocolate Pen for 2020 comes with the pen, a warming tray for the chocolate, melting chocolate packets and over 40 molds featuring Blume Dolls.  We were also gifted a few baking goodies and items to really put the Chocolate Pen decorating skills to the test. 

How to Use the Chocolate Pen

The Chocolate Pen is user friendly, but did have a learning curve to start.  You must first warm the chocolate packets in a warm bowl of water.  Once it is liquid, then you can pour the melted chocolate into the warming tray (which you must have plugged in prior to melting the chocolate).  From there you can use the Chocolate Pen. 

melting chocolate

I made the mistake initially of thinking that I could just place the unmelted chocolate into the warming tray and waiting for a very long time for it to melt.  It didn’t and that was my first frustration.  Once I followed the directions and melted the chocolate first in the water, then placed it in the tray, things went much better. 

loading chocolate pen

Once in the tray, you use the pen to essentially suck the chocolate up.  You have to be very careful to make sure the pen is fully immersed into the melted chocolate, so that you do not get any air bubbles.  Once the pen is filled, you can then put the tip of the pen on and start creating your chocolate decorations. 

using the Chocolate pen

We found that writing with the pen in thin lines was very difficult.  The chocolate spreads out and sort of mushes together on a flat surface.  We could not write the kids names without it looking like a blob.  This could be user error, but it just didn’t work for us.  We were able to use the molds which were fun. 

Chocolate Pen Molds

The Chocolate Pen comes with over 40 molds and those were by far the easiest for us to use. Simply load your pen with the desired chocolate color and then place into the mold.  Again the chocolate is hard to write with an fill in the tiny details, but the pen does put the chocolate into the molds nicely.  You could use a toothpick or even the detailing stick that comes with the pen to do the details, but my kids are impatient and wanted to eat these. 

Final thoughts on The Chocolate Pen

I have always been about honesty here.  I am not going to sit here and say that this is a professional decorators tool.  It is not.  This is a toy and it was enjoyed by my children for sure.  We have used it a couple of times and they do actually have a good time using the molds and placing the chocolates onto whatever sweet treat they want. 

Chocolate Pen Blume Doll

However, drawing with the toy is not easy, it is a pain to have to pre-melt the chocolate and stick it into the tray and hope it stays at the perfect temperature.  The chocolate does taste really good and the molds are easy to use.  Overall, this is a great little toy for kids that love to help in the kitchen, but it does have a learning curve associated with it. 

Have you tried the Chocolate Pen?

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