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A Fantastic Denver Date Night at Mellow Mushroom

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Looking for a fun way to check out Denver with your partner?  Take a look at our Denver Date Night at Mellow Mushroom and get the scoop on their new cocktail menu, appetizers and more!

Disclosure: We were invited to dine at Mellow Mushroom.  All opinions are our own. 

A Fantastic Denver Date Night at Mellow Mushroom

Denver Date Night at Mellow Mushroom

My husband and I were talking the other night and realized that we had not been on an official date for almost 6 months.  We have had periodic time together here and there, but we had not set up an actual date night for a very long time.  Growing up my own parents made it a weekly event and I had always pictured that for Mr. Funk and I, however, with our busy work schedules and COVID, that has been at the back of our minds. 

Mellow Mushroom

We were invited to check out Mellow Mushroom here in Denver and jumped at the opportunity to try something new and enjoy each other’s company.  It is very rare that we ever get out of our little town and heading downtown for a Denver date night at Mellow Mushroom sounded like a great time.  It for sure was awesome and something we highly recommend people check out. 

Denver Date Night

We dressed up a bit, jumped in the car and drove downtown.  Mellow Mushroom sits right on the 16th street mall and has parking garage right under it.  We parked and grabbed our masks on and we walked in, ready to enjoy a quiet, adult conversation and time with each other.  This Denver date night was simple perfection. 

Mellow Mushroom Vibe

I am not going to lie, I basically lived for peace, love and happiness through middle school and those bright psychedelic murals, the fun lights and the awesome staff  really brought the Mellow Mushroom vibe to life and my middle school heart was full.  The restaurant was very clean, followed all mask mandates and social distancing protocols. 

Mellow Mushroom Vibe

We were actually sat at a table initially that the bottom seemed to just pop off, so they moved us quickly to a new table and within seconds they were disinfecting the previous table and chairs.  Also I wish I would have taken a picture, but in the bathroom they had a hilarious sign about hand washing that although visual, was probably the best sign I had seen in a while to remind people to wash those hands!  Kudos Mellow Mushroom, your vibe was awesome. 

Cocktails, Appetizers & Pizza!

Look, we were there for the food and we were hungry.  We had never been to Mellow Mushroom, but a few of our friends had told us how yummy this place is and gave us a couple suggestions to try.  We started with some of their new craft cocktails.  Mr. Funk and I prefer a bit of a sweet cocktail so after consulting with our awesome waiter we went with the Jam N’ Juice and the Sunset in Paradise. 

Cocktails at Mellow Mushroom

These drinks were tasty!  They came garnished wonderfully with fresh fruit inspired by Las Vegas-based gourmet garnish company, Dress the Drink™.  The Sunset in Paradise had Bacardi Superior Rum, Monin coconut and pomegranate syrups, pineapple and fresh sour.  I thought it tasted like a gummy bear, Mr. Funk said it was better than just a gummy bear, either way, it was so good. The Jam N’ Juice was made with Maker’s Mark bourbon, Aperivio, cherry, cranberry, and fresh lime. It was very smooth and light but not as sweet as I was hoping. 

Appetizers at Mellow Mushroom

We ordered a couple appetizers because we couldn’t decide on one.  We had the sweet Thai chili oven roasted wings that were a little sweet with a tiny bite of spice.  I swear Mellow Mushroom cooked these to perfection, because they were just the right crisp and juicy texture.  We also ordered their spinach and artichoke dip that was ooey goodness.  They use some magical cheese in there that was just dripping with flavor and we ate BOTH of these appetizers quickly.  YUM!

Might Meaty Pizza from Mellow Mushroom

For the main event we ordered a small Mighty Meaty stone baked pizza. My husband is a huge carnivore and was all in when he saw a neighboring table have this little delight brought to them.  I mean come on, it has full size pieces of Applewood smoked bacon, it was the obvious choice.  The pizza was some of the best pizza I have ever eaten and the crust was perfectly crisp and buttery.   I honestly wish we would have ordered a bigger size because leftovers. 

Enjoying Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Overall, our Denver date night to Mellow Mushroom was perfect.  We had some great cocktails, appetizers and pizza and then enjoyed a brisk walk down the 16th Street Mall.  It was awesome to see how respectful everyone was in and outside the restaurant and we really enjoyed trying out a new place, with great food, a great atmosphere and top notch service. It was a perfect, simple evening with the most perfect partner to enjoy it with!

What would you do on a Denver Date Night?

Sharing is caring!

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