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Camper Renovation FINALLY DONE

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I swear the next time my husband decides to buy Walter Whites (holla to my Breaking Bad comrades) camper, I’m running the other way!  I kid, I kid.  Actually this little disaster of a camper has really turned out very nice.  Take a peek!

Ok not completely done, this is a start, we added steps and fixed the tires but the exterior still needs a LOT of work.  We have a few windows to replace, and the awning needs to be fixed, but this was only about 2 weeks ago and the inside was still a disaster!
Top to Bottom:
  • Bedroom: Painted, made curtains, put in carpet, added storage under the bed, put in a brand new mattress, cleaned like you don’t even know, replaced the roof vent, added screens to the windows, added speakers and speaker covers, replaced missing light covers and light bulbs, fixed some electrical and new sheets and pillows too!
  • Bathroom: cleaned the entire nasty place and now it is sparkling, put the shower walls back together and re-caulked the entire bathroom, laid a new floor, fixed the toilet, hung a towel rack, new shower curtain, added toilet paper holder, fixed the bathroom vent fan and screen and decorated!
  • Kitchen: Rebuilt the floor here too (thanks to a fire and some water damage), Re-screened the windows and added window treatments, recovered the kitchen cushions, painted, completely redesigned the table (not completely done here), fixed missing lights, cleaned like crazy, replaced the fridge, put in new flooring, fixed the water tank leak, replaced the sink faucet, added a paper towel holder and a few other items. 
  • Main living area: Rebuilt the floor, painted, re-screened the windows, changed out the photo in the frame (generally updated the look), new carpet, shampooed the couch and fixed the pillows, made roman shades for the windows, replaced the electrical, moved the furnace and replaced it, added a smoke/CO2 detector, cleaned like crazy and filled a ridiculous amount of holes in the walls, fixed the screen door (added handle, screen, straightened it out) and decorated!

Better picture of the roman shades, flooring, new cushion covers and the paint
My cute little camper kitchen!  

Ok so a few of my favorite projects I added!  I took the Fathers Day Plaque that I made Jason and we put that up then I used my Cricut and cut out the vinyl “Happy Campers”

Funny side note:  I totally put this up when we went camping and left the “H” at home, so we were “appy campers”

Also we always need a clock and Jason really liked the wood plaque, so I decided to make a little clock and use my cricut again to add a little flare!  It is super cute and both these little decorative pieces made our little camper feel a bit more homey.

Also, just because you should see it in working condition, here is a little snapshot of our little camp this past weekend!  I will post more about our trip later this week.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged us.  This little DIY was probably one of the most frustrating projects we have ever done.  We still have SO much work to do, but it is at least in good working condition.  It served a great purpose and our family will thoroughly enjoy it for years.

When we do a bit more work on the outside, I will post more photos but we are about a year out from that.


Sharing is caring!

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Jennifer Humphries

Tuesday 12th of August 2014

You guys did a great job! It looks so cute.

This would definitely be my style of camping for sure :)


Monday 11th of August 2014

That is SO cool! My husband and I always say one day we will get a camper! It looks awesome! (i'm cracking up at the appy camper!!)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.