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Tips for Transitioning Children from Summer to School

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Transitioning from summer to school can be emotional, both for parents and kids. With school right around the corner, dealing with unstructured, lazy, and free days of summer is always hard. It’s safe to say that transition is always met with resistance.

transition from summer to school

Falling back into the wave of waking up early, getting to bed on time, preparing meals, and retraining body and mind to a regular school routine might take a toll on you. But don’t worry. The tips below will help you sail through back-to-school routine, effortlessly. 

6 Tips for Back-To-School Transitioning

Adjust Bedtime

During the summer, children tend to stay up late and rise later than usual. Adjusting bedtime one week before going back to school will help the kids click into the routine.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, there are set hours ideal for every age. For instance, preschoolers – aged between 3 and 5- should sleep for around 10 hours, and school-age children should sleep for at least 9 hours. This schedule will help you set sleeping hours.

As you adjust bedtime hours, you should also consider the activities before bed like coloring, stories, bathing, and doing a puzzle. These are less-sensory tasks that allow the body of your child to wind down slowly. With a comprehensive sleep schedule, you will be a proud mom who raises great sleepers.

Develop a Game Plan

You will be surprised that kids know what they want or even how they want things done. Discuss with them about goals, failures of the previous school season, and the necessary adjustments to make. Ask about the skills to be improved and the triumphs of the year before.

game plan

The goals might include;

  • Improving on grades
  • Making new friends
  • Change of diet
  • Becoming the captain of the swimming team

Such a discussion will help the child feel focused before getting back to school. It alleviates confusion, anxiety, and unpreparedness. Involving your child on the game plan also makes him/her feel responsible for the decisions made.

Summon the Learning Spirit

Going back to school is not always exciting- probably you can relate to this. Being away from fun activities or parting ways with new friends might be annoying for your child. But you can rekindle the school spirit again by minimizing screen time and engaging in fun activities.

You can assign creative homework or ask them to start coloring once again. Start about two weeks before school. Ask the child to list characteristics of the animals in the park or name the types of snakes in the jungle. If you’re on vacation, you can assign the child to list down the main activities on the beach.

Kids creativity

Jog the mind of your child by asking the furthest you went from home during summer or the hours you were on board. You can also ask him to write a short story about their summer experiences.

Furthermore, you can engage in brain-bending activities like word searches, crossword puzzles, and trivia. This is to keep your child motivated, encouraged, and focused on getting back to school.

Prepare the Night Before

One of the best ways of simplifying your morning routine is by preparing the night before. Rushing around in the wee hours trying to get the school outfit from the closet or packing backpacks can create anxiety.


If you’re a working mom, spare like an hour the night before and prepare for the next day. Choose the following day outfits- both yours and for the kids. Prepare breakfast and lunch. Also, hang the backpacks at a strategic place where kids will find them easily.

Additionally, select a place where you keep car keys and phone to ensure you don’t run around in the morning looking for them. Check homework, bathe kids, and fill water bottles to ease the morning rush.

Set an Early Alarm

Morning rush creates a stressful environment for both adults and kids. The best thing to do is to set the alarm for an extra 30 minutes early to give your family ample time to prepare, take breakfast, and get ready to tackle the day stress-free.

old alarm clock

In case of an unexpected scenario like spilled cereal or leaking water bottle, the extra minutes will enable you to handle these events. Being this organized will help you handle any situation without creating a chaotic environment.

Tackle School Anxiety

Most children get disappointed once the summer is over. And to some kids, the anxiety can be extreme. For instance, children entering new schools might feel relaxed if they can walk around the new school and learn where things are before joining school. Talk and discuss the issues that could make your child nervous.

Final Note

Getting back to school doesn’t need to be stressful and chaotic. With these tips, diving back to a school routine will be painless for everyone.


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