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#SummerThemeWeeks Adventure Week Recap and Beyond

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Back again for another wonderful recap of our Summer!  Last week was Adventure week and boy did we have some adventures.  Here was our original plan.

Summer Theme Weeks, Adventure Week,

Movie Monday:  We spent the day at home because we accidentally overslept and missed our movie time, but no big deal, NETFLIX for the win!  Mr. Peabody and Sherman was adorable and I think the peanut was really into it.

Time off Tuesday: After pulling close to an all nighter on Monday night and then one of my classes being cancelled and finishing my 20 page, peer-reviewed preliminary action research project for my masters program, I would hardly call Tuesday, “time-off”, but for the kids it was.  They spent the day with grandma shopping and baking.  Oh and also, I passed my initial review! So 5 more classes left and that Masters Degree is mine!

Water Wednesday:  We decided to go to an actual pool because my son is working on swimming in deeper water.  We headed to our local recreation center and let me tell you, my little man is doing phenomenal.  He is no where ready to swim by himself but I think in a few months he will be a little fish!  I didn’t get any photos of him swimming because I was right there with him, but we did play a little in the shallows and had a nice time.

Travel Thursday:  In our adventure we decided to take on the wild animals and do something that we had not done before…feed giraffes!  We had a blast and although I am not entirely sure that $20.00 and 5 minutes was a great exchange, my kids had a nice time and it was a great experience. 

Family Friday:  This weekend was insanely busy with prepping for my sisters wedding and trying to finish school work.  The kids spent a lot of time running errands with us and playing outside in our yard.  
Blowing Bubbles with the dogs
The potty stand off was a constant in our errand running lives.
Normally I would be introducing our theme this week, but after 6 weeks, I am spent.  It has been a great run and we have a lot more adventures planned for the weeks to come.  I hope you have enjoyed them and I PROMISE to return with some new and different ones next summer. 
Thanks for a great Summer!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.