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Vitamin D, My Nemesis.

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I planned to write about wedding crafts and school prep and well tonight and the last couple, I just cant seem to focus.

I think almost all of this has to do with two things.

1. My vitamin D levels
2. Grad school is done…and so am I.

In June I had blood work done for my diabetes.  That is a whole different saga, but in other news we found out my vitamin D levels were so crazy out of whack. This has caused my sleep patterns to be wonky, my energy levels to be minimal, my mood to be grumpy and my brain to be a jumbled mess among many other things.  They started me on a vitamin D supplement at a pretty high dose for the next 3 months.  I go back in October to see if my levels have budged.

I religiously took the vitamin D and within a few weeks I started to feel a bit more energy and a little less foggy in the brain.  I’ve also been dealing with some awful back pain and some of that is being relieved too.  They said it can take 6 months to a year before I feel human again and so I am trying to be patient but also realistic.

All of this would be great and should contribute to my work here, but well, the doctor forgot to order my refill and I was 5 days late getting it and now I feel like I am starting back a square one.  The most noticeable symptom is my inability to focus and complete tasks that are usually simple or something that I do constantly.

For example, I cannot figure out how to clean my house.  I  know that sounds weird, I mean we have lived here for 6 years and I have cleaned this darn place every dang day, except lately.  Lately I sit in front of the TV with my kids in the morning and try to come up with my game plan of the quickest way to attack the small messes.  Next thing I know I am elbow deep into something that is making an even bigger mess and then the exhaustion sets in (think new mom with triplets who is nursing babies on 3 different schedules with no help).  There is no energy to clean up the new mess, let alone the old messes.  I have never had a dirtier house and it is so frustrating.  Now my friends will tell you that my house is still clean, but I know different and I can see all those messes that others may not.

It’s like I am sick with a cold and cant function except without the runny nose and cough. 

So here I sit tonight and I want to write about all the amazing things but I cant focus.  I cannot pull my brain together enough to multitask, edit photos, SEO and enjoy what I am doing.  The only thing I can manage is to write this and even this has taken me almost 3 hours.  Yes THREE HOURS. Normally a post like this would take me 10-20 minutes.

So this is my formal apology.  I hope in the next couple days I can pull myself together and my vitamin D levels get to a point where I am a functioning member of society.  Vitamin D is my official nemesis.

I also just want to encourage my readers to get blood work done if you are experiencing any symptoms.  I thought I was just a tired, overworked mom of two with a full time job, grad school and this blog.  Turns out what I have been dealing with is a severe deficiency which has caused a lot of issues.

Also just some fun science facts from the science teacher about vitamin D:

  • Vitamin D is a hormone, not your typical vitamin folks. It is synthesized and requires a healthy amount of magnesium to truly function appropriately in your body. 
  • Vitamin D is found in animal bi-products (Milk & Eggs…both of which I am allergic too)
  • The sun does NOT give our body vitamin D, it essentially signals our body to make it into a useable form.  However, it is not always efficient because of that beautiful invention “sunscreen”. 
Thank you for your patience and please share if you are experiencing low vitamin D issues.  I would love to hear from you!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.