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Tuesday Talk: We Were Hit By a Drunk Driver

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It has been years since I used this blog to really just write. To allow myself to create content that was just for me and so today, here I am.  So many of my “OG” readers are still here, still interacting and still want to hear about us, how things are and get updates on our life.  I am going to start trying to add in Tuesday Talk to do just that.   This week topic is a whole mess of last month and our experience getting hit by a drunk driver. 

Tuesday Talk: We Were Hit by a Drunk Driver

The Car of My Dreams

To get everyone up to date; about a year ago, we purchased what I thought was my dream car, a Chevy Tahoe LTZ.  I have owned a version of this car since 2010 but I had my eyes on this exact car, with the light interior and pearl exterior.  It was fully loaded with every feature and then more that Chevy offered.  I was going to live in this car for the next 10-15 years.  Unfortunately, we unknowingly purchased a death trap that Chevrolet would not stand behind and fix without it costing us thousands.  

Lemon 2015 chevrolet Tahoe LTZ

From day one this car was an issue and we should have taken it back immediately, but it took 3 years to find this exact car and I was very reluctant.  The final straw after about 30 other issues, was the car literally shutting off while I was driving 60 mph and throwing ZERO codes.  Can’t fix the electrical issues if there is nothing showing and we couldn’t chance it killing us.  It was just too dangerous, so after a very stressful month, we finally decided to purchase a new car. 

trading in our car

I love luxury SUV’s, and with the Tahoe and others manufactured by the same company out, I was limited on what my husband would agree to purchase. After A LOT of research we decided on the Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum.  It has 95% of the features we had in the Tahoe and is safer and comes in #2 for best midsize SUV’s (after the FJ Cruiser). We’ve been in the car for 3 weeks and although I miss my Tahoe, I do love this Highlander. 

The Accident

I bought the car on January 20th, 2020 and just 6 days later, the kids and I were driving to our skating rink, when we were unexpectedly rear ended.  Honestly, I didn’t even see it coming.  I was slowing down to turn and was going maybe 15 mpg myself, when we felt the hit and lurched forward hard.  The kids immediately started panicking and as a mom, I did too.  I pulled over and jumped out of the car to check on my kids, when I was met with a police officer immediately yelling at me to get back in the car. 

Police Report

I couldn’t figure out how they got there so quickly and why there were so many.  It wasn’t until I yelled back that I had kids in the car and they could hear them crying that the cops, shifted the focus a bit and I realized there was something more happening here.  The police were incredible and got paramedics there quickly while helping to calm my children, but I had to get in the car, because this man this just hit us was incredibly drunk at 2PM on a Sunday. 

Car hit by drunk driver

A lot took place during the nearly 3 hours we were there and weirdly I didn’t even care to see what the car looked like.  The kids were getting checked out, the man was getting arrested, I am certain the entirety of my hometown drove through the intersection this happened at and so many messages were coming through.  When I was finally allowed to get out of the car and take a look, I was SHOCKED.  2 small dents, some paint scratches and a little misalignment in the bumper.  The Toyota Highlander held up from a 35-40 mph impact and we feel SO lucky.  This car is for sure what I will be recommending from here on out.  

The Days Following The Accident

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since we were hit.  I personally have been battling a concussion and a few other injuries, which is why I have not been writing much.  Our daughter also has a concussion and things have just been really overwhelming in general.  Too add to our chaos, our son, ended up breaking his foot just 3 days after the car accident. 

Buckle Fracture X-Ray

He has a buckle fracture about 1 mm away from his growth plate and I was pretty much the worst mom ever when this happened.  Our son tends to be a bit over dramatic, especially when he gets hurt, and both myself and my husband did not take his complaints very seriously.  The school called and told us he hurt his foot (no one took his shoe off to look), and we both said to send him back to class. Then he called again asking me to pick him up and I told him I would get him from his friends after I was done teaching. When I picked him up he was just a mess of not wanting to walk and really just making a huge dramatic deal. 

Broken foot in space cast

When we got home, I pulled off his shoe, and I couldn’t see the arch to his foot and it was purple.  I have never felt more terrible and we rushed to Children’s to get a x-ray.  He is casted for 2 weeks, then more x-rays to see if it is healing, and if so, he will be in a boot for another 4-6 weeks.  He did get this awesome space cast and has truly been a trooper in of course the snowiest week we have had since November. 

Not to be Outdone

Of course, things happen in 3’s and so we had to finish out the trifecta with the little one, just going hard and slamming her finger in the car door.  I was sure we were headed back to Children’s, but after some ice, the swelling dramatically decreased (this is like 2 hours after the smash).  Her finger is still sore, but thankfully it was nothing more serious. 

Finger smashed in car door

Emotionally, we are all a bit drained.  It has been a lot and couple that with my depression and anxiety and need to find balance, I have just been struggling.  We are ok, we are getting the help and support that we need and that husband of mine has been truly incredible.  Thank you for the love and outpouring of concern.  We felt every thought, every prayer and every sentiment sent.  

Thank you for joining me for Tuesday Talk!

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