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The Top Family Rides at Water World and Our 2021 Experience.

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Water World is open for the 2021 season and is in its 42 year! We are sharing our full experience this year along with the top family rides at Water World.

Top family rides at water world

Family Fun at Water World

Water World is a local Colorado staple and one of the nation’s largest family water parks. If you visit during the summer or you live in the state, you make time to visit this awesome water park. Our family has spent nearly every summer taking some time in the sun to ride the rides, stay cool and enjoy a day of family fun.

Top family rides

After a year away from the park, we were elated to get back and check out many of their thrilling and unique attractions. We packed our small cooler, grabbed our suits and headed for an awesome day with our family.

An Unexpected Emergency

I swear we had just sat our stuff down and headed across Thunder Bay to get the kids life vests an not 5 minutes after that, we had an unexpected emergency. Our son had asked to go swim in the waves as the wave pool sequence started and I said sure. Our daughter was right by me no more than 10 feet away.

Water World Rescue

However, I glanced away from her and started scanning the pool for our son and the next thing I know, our daughter had been swept by the current into the deep end of the pool and the AMAZING lifeguard heard her yelling for me. He made eye contact, nodded and rescued her. She was fine and I was so thankful for the free rental life vests and the incredible focus of that lifeguard. Safety is Water Worlds #1 focus and it was very clear in that moment.

Our Top Family Rides

We were at Water World with a wide variety of ages and so we ended up checking out a few areas of incredible 70 acres of attractions. We ended up spending the vast majority of time this year in 3 areas, Alpine Springs, South Beach and The West Coast adventure. We rode a ton of rides in those areas and want to share our top family rides based on ages.

Alpine Springs Fox Tail (kids under 60″)

This little area of Alpine Springs at Water World has two water slides, a lazy river the Fun H2Ouse with plenty of water and seating for everyone. The littles in our group loved the water slides in this area of the park.

Kid areas at water world

There are 2 slides at Fox Tail. One of the slides is children only and the other is a double tube slide that parents can take the littles on. We spent a solid chunk of time in this area and it was a good introduction to water slides, water safety and fun for the tiny people in our party.

Mile High Flyer

The Mile High Flyer is the first water roller coaster in the Rockies and it is a complete thrill! Four people load into what sort of looks like a banana tube and then you are sent up and away on a twisting, turning, dropping blast of fun!

Mile High flyer at water world

We all got off that ride laughing, soaked and on a high from the excitement of it all. You do have to be 42″ to ride and they check it several times which is good because at times you are literally bouncing up and out of the seat a bit.

The West Coast Adventure

The West Coast Adventure is actually a group of family tube rides that are must do’s if you are headed to Water World. Voyage to the Center of the Earth, Storm and The Lost River of the Pharaohs are a few of the rides in this area that include large family tubes and themed thrill rides.

Top family rides at water world

We spent hours upon hours riding these family rides and laughing and screaming and checking out the awesome animatronics, special effects and more. To check out more of the awesome family rides at Water World check out their interactive map.

Must Haves For Water World

We have been to Water World a lot. For a few years we had season passes as kids and as adults we have made sure to make at least one visit a summer. Although you can simply suit up, grab a towel and bring some cash or lunch, I do have some must haves for Water World.

Splash Bands with Tube Valet

Tube Valet is a must for us. I highly recommend this especially if you have little ones that you want to take on the rides. Tube Valet is a shortened queue line that also shortens the users need to carry those large tubes up to the top of the rides.

Splash band and Tube Valet at Water World

I highly suggest buying these way ahead of time because they sell out quickly, but I will tell you that they are worth every single penny and cut down line waits and back aches.


There is plenty of shade around the park and most people do just lay down their towels and bags and go, however, renting a little cabana or bungalow for the day, guarantees shade, seats and a dedicated space for your stuff.

Bungalows at Water World

Bungalows are for 2 people and Cabanas vary in sizes and services. We usually just grab a single bungalow and one adult tends to just stay with the items.

Life Vests

After our little emergent situation, I will forever make sure that the littles in our group have a life vest on. Water World provides them free of charge, they fit them on your child for you and make sure that it is secure and safe.

Life Vests at Water World

All you have to do is make sure that you return it at the end of the day and they will sanitize and take care of everything else. Literal lifesaver.

Ice Cream

After a hot day in the water, you can find everyone in line at one of the amazing ice cream or dippin’ dots shops around the park. Water World has some really amazing soft serve ice cream options and is the perfect way to end a day of unlimited fun under the sun.

Ice cream at Water World

Water World is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend and closes out every season with a little Bow Wow Beach Doggie Day for our 4-legged friends too! Make sure to check them out online and grab your tickets now!

Ready to Check out these top family rides at Water World?

Disclosure: We were invited to spend a day at Water World.

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