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Nominate an Educator Now for the #GreatTeacherGiveback

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Teaching is arguably one of the most important careers. As teachers head back to the classroom they are pinching pennies to make this year one of the best yet! Check out how you can help and nominate an educator now for the #greatteachergiveback.

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Nominate a teacher today for $500 #greatteachergiveback

Teaching is Expensive

Most jobs do not have an expectation that you pay out of pocket to ensure that you have the supplies necessary to do your job. It is one of the parts of education that people struggle to understand. When you see those incredible classroom makeovers, or a fantastic project or class library in your students classroom, likely the vast majority of the money that it took for that to happen came out of the teachers pocket.

Colorado teacher

Teaching is expensive and honestly often the prices do not bother us because what we want more than anything is to have a really successful and memorable year with your kids. So we charge up that credit card, grab a side job or run classroom coverage to help with those expenses. Some of us even crowdfund and ask for donations.

Fun Science classroom supplies

I am lucky enough to work in a school building where we do have a budget for a laboratory supplies and some basic classroom supplies. However, anything extra that I want to include in my classroom, from decor to manipulatives and demonstration items, has to come out of my pocket. The costs add up and last year I finally started to look for alternative methods to help bring new and engaging material into my classrooms.

Did you Know?

Teacher spending is always something that comes up throughout the year. Whether it is because class supply lists are extensive or you see the inequities in various classrooms within a school or just that you know a teacher. I thought I would share some interesting facts from the 2021 Teacher Spending Study.

  • The Average teacher spends $511.00 out of pocket a year.
  • Often parents do not fulfill the supply list requests.
  • Teachers spend nearly double what the school is able to cover with their budget with simple supplies and classroom needs.


This is where you come in! Right now is taking nominations for teachers you know and love to win one of four $500 prizes to help them set up their classrooms. The #GreatTeacherGiveback runs now through August 19th, 2021 and you can nominate a teacher here (or if you are a teacher yourself, nominate you boo)!

Science classroom supplies

Who is a memorable teacher you would nominate for the #greatteachergiveback?

Sharing is caring!

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