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This Weeks Top 5 laughs!

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Linking up with The Mommyhood Chronicles for Saturdays Top 5 Laughs.

I am combining a couple weeks because it’s been about a month since I’ve posted silly things.

Here goes:
1. Between the depression from losing the baby and the rockin flu that kicked my ass I lost 20lbs! I was 175 (don’t judge, food is delicious and I was pregnant) and now I’m back down to my curvy comfortable weight of 155 as of this morning! So why is this funny? Well I can fit back into my nicer work dress clothes. So one of my sweet students raises her hand and tells me, “Mrs. You look so pretty.” My response, “thanks, bulimia has been working great.” I was completely joking and quickly followed up with that fact but I think the kids were so taken back and kind of believed it. Crap! Teacher fail!!!

2. My kid now farts and then tells us he farted, which sounds adorable coming out of his mouth. But the best part is when he blames his farts on the dog. He tells mommy “dog farted.”. Second funny thing he now says, I’m fine!” This of course only comes out when I am telling him not to do something. Example, Eyan bites the dog, I tell him stop that is not ok, he responds, “I’m fine!”

3. My tough biker father tells me the other day that my son has him wrapped around his little finger. I laughed and said, sure dad! Then he bought him the mini Harley Davidson Eyan is pictured in below. This is probably only funny to me because only my 1 yr old would own a Harley, gun and 4-wheeler. I am in so much trouble when this kid gets older.

4. My neighbor lady friend is about 3 minutes from delivering baby Jaxon. We had a small shower for her at the Olive Garden. Many different waitresses kept coming to the table to ask about the adorable John Deer diaper cake. One waitress asked who was pregnant. Neighbor lady points to her grandma, we a laughed and the waitress walked away uncomfortable! It was hysterical!

5. Does anyone remember Duck Hunt? Well a few years ago I decided I must have the original Nintendo and ALL the Mario Bros games including Duck Hunt. Little did I know my kid would fall in love with this 25 yr old game. Today he shot his first duck. He turned to me and said “got it mommy!”. So funny!

Sharing is caring!

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Sunday 5th of February 2012

Oh hun- I hope things are getting better! That is not a teacher fail. I saw things like this when I am working. You are in trouble when your kids get older- too cute! I remember that game- too cute that it keeps getting passed down generations. Love your laughs!! Thanks for linking up- I always love reading yours:)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.