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How to Teach Kids to Brush Their Teeth

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Dental health is critical to your overall health & instilling that in children is important. Check out these tips on how to teach kids to brush their teeth.

Disclosure: I am partnering with Smile Brilliant. All opinions are my own.

How to teach kids to brush their teeth

Brush with Smile Brilliant

Teaching your kids to brush their teeth can be a challenge. Dental bills are expensive and dental health is critical to overall health. In order to set a good oral hygiene routine, it is important that you have the right tools. I personally love the Smile Brilliant line of products.

smile brilliant plaque highlighters and cariPRO giveaway

Smile Brilliant’s rechargeable ultrasonic cariPRO toothbrush and their plaque highlighters are two of the items that are must haves. Smile Brilliant also carries a water flosser, night guard and oral probiotics. Having the right products on hand will greatly help when teaching your kids to brush their teeth.

What are Plaque Highlighters

Plaque is that hidden bacterial film that clings to your teeth when you eat starchy and sugary foods. Kids often have a hard time understanding that their teeth are dirty when they cannot see the actual build up and that is where Smile Brilliant’s Oral Plaque Highlighters come into play.

what are plaque highlighters

Smile Brilliant has created a chewable tablet that has food safe dye in it called plaque highlighters. They are super simple to use and are great for children (5+) and adults as well! All you do is place the tablet in your mouth and then chew it.

how to use plaque highlighters

You can spit out the excess and then you will have some beautiful bright pinkish/purple teeth. The dye sticks to the plaque build up on the teeth and helps your children visualize where they need to brush.

how to teach kids to brush their teeth

Children can then work in a circular pattern through each quadrant of their mouth to begin removing the dyed plaque. I always encourage my kids to start in the back and work forward to get all the pink off and to really focus on the areas around the gums and between the teeth. The plaque highlighters also are a great way to introduce flossing for your kids!

plaque highlighter pink tongues

The dye is not picky and it will turn their tongues pink. I do encourage my kids to make sure to scrub those tongues as well and get as much of the pink off as possibly, but those ornery kids think it’s hysterical to have bright pink tongues.

How to Teach Kids to Brush their Teeth

Now that you have the tools and the knowledge you can jump in and work with your children as you teach them to brush their teeth. As we are getting back to school, getting into this routine and making sure that your children are effectively brushing, is important and can make your mornings super smooth.

Smile Brilliant Products

When teaching your kids how to brush their teeth, make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Tools Matter: Have a good toothbrush, toothpaste, plaque highlighters and floss at the ready.
  2. Show Them: Model for them how to brush in circles. Sometimes using a doll or a stuffed animal can be helpful.
  3. Be Helpful: Assist them in doing in. I usually take my child’s hand gently, and then assist them in making the circular motions around each tooth and surface.
  4. Set it up: Routines are important for kids. As they are learning, I like to make sure that no step is skipped, so I set up their toothbrush with toothpaste, a cup of water to rinse, their plaque highlighters out and a flosser, so they can just work down the line and get those teeth sparkling.
  5. Rewards: When your children are first learning, utilize a reward system for correct brushing. Sticker charts work great.

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Can you think of other ways you can help teach kids to brush their teeth?

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