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Win a FREE Year of Childcare with MyVillage!

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Colorado has a childcare crisis and finally there is a company that is working to dissolve the childcare desert.   MyVillage is that company and they are offering one family in Colorado a chance to win a year of FREE CHILDCARE.  Read more to learn how to enter and why MyVillage is awesome. 

Disclosure: I am partnering with MyVillage.  All opinions are my own. 

MyVillage Childcare

Precious Assets

These sweet face below are my most precious asset.  They drive me crazy and tug at my heart strings with their overwhelming love and caring.  They are my world and I know that other parents feel exactly the same way about their kids.  

Children photo poses

As parents, we want to give them the world.  We want them to be well taken care of, given love and attention, to be listened to and to be valued.  When it came to looking for childcare for my sweet babies, we wanted the best. 

Not Stay At Home Mom Material

Yup, I said childcare.  Sure I could stay home, in fact if you add up all the time off from work I get (including weekends), I am home with my kids 5.5 months out of the entire 12 month year, however, I am not stay at home mom material.  I love my kids, I enjoy the time we spend together, but I am not good without a strong schedule and limited interaction with A LOT of people. 

Fall Family Photo

I am naturally an extroverted people person.  I truly love being around people and I feel like my reason for being here is to teach kids.  I respect stay at home parents so much, but for me, I need to work, I need to teach and I need to make a difference that is bigger than me. 

Childcare Deserts In Colorado

Looking for childcare, especially in Colorado can be very tough.  I was lucky enough to have an amazing family friend step in and help us raise our kids while my husband and I work.  However, my friends who also work, have struggled to find quality care for their children.  This is not uncommon in Colorado.  

Babysitter and Child

In the Denver metro area, about half of the ZIP codes are considered childcare deserts.  This means that there are more children in the area then there are qualified, licensed caregivers.  In addition, childcare costs more than college tuition in the majority of states (including Colorado) and less than 10% of childcare placements are considered high quality and fail to meet basic licensing standards. 

Introducing MyVillage

Childcare deserts are a huge issue here in Colorado and there are just not many options for quality care.  MyVillage is a working to alleviate the issues of childcare deserts.  Founded by Beth Szymanski and Erica Mackey, MyVillage aims to give families better options in the form of high quality accessible, affordable in-home infant and toddler care.

MyVillage founders

MyVillage is focused mainly in Colorado and Montana but they are expanding across the nation.  They work to create quality home-based childcare with hand-picked providers, a curriculum developed by Harvard and high standards.  In Colorado, you can find awesome home-based locations in Aurora, Brighton, Colorado Springs, Denver Metro, Eagle County, and Glenwood Springs (plus more locations opening each week).

Win A Year of Free Childcare

With such an issue to find quality and affordable childcare in Colorado, MyVillage is offering one family in Colorado a chance to win a FULL YEAR of high-quality, early education programming for a child 0-5 worth more than $13,000.  To enter, the family must create a one-minute video discussing their struggle to find childcare and submit your video here!

MyVillage In-Home Childcare

Get that phone out, share your story and win that full year of childcare with MyVillage!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.