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How to Maximize Your Home’s Storage Space

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The storage space in most modern homes comes at a premium. You will perhaps never complain of having too many closets. For this reason, learn how to organize your home to make the most use of space. While at it, you will prevent accidents caused by tripping on items.

Discard Unused Stuff in Your House

Clothes, shoes, bags, utensils, toys, books, electronics, and furniture can only be useful for a limited period. Create more space at home by getting rid of what you are not using. Too many people assign a sentimental value to things that they do not need. Clutter in your storage space costs you time and energy every day you have to lift, move or otherwise manage your space.

The best way to declutter the house is to start with one room and then move to the next. Break the room up in zones to work more efficiently. Distinguish things that you absolutely need from those that have no value. Consider donating these items to people who will actually use them.

Use The Best Storage Solutions

Work with your family to design your home’s storage areas. For example, store foodstuffs and kitchen items in clear plastic containers. Professional organizers believe that clear containers save you time and energy when looking for an item.

A family of six obviously has more need for storage space than a family of three. Design a storage solution that best creates additional space by grouping like items in their own corner. Work with your family to determine what goes where. You do not want to wrong your child by storing his favorite toy at the farthest corner.

Label Your Storage Containers

Bins, baskets, jars, and pails are examples of storage containers in your home. Labeling them increases the time of retrieving items. Let your family members know that the containers store-specific stuff.

Labeling is one thing, and storing things in their appropriate labeled containers is another. There is perhaps nothing as frustrating as looking for your favorite pair of jeans in the clean clothes basket only to find it inside the dirty clothes basket.

Design Your Closet Around Your Clothes

Many houses come with built-in closets and cabinets. You do not have to use them if they do not serve your purpose. Instead, consider redesigning your storage compartments. For example, add more shoe racks if you are a footwear fanatic.

If you like to work out a lot, your gym clothes can stay better on shelves rather than hangers. The opposite is true for a person who works in a blue collar job that requires many suits and official shirts. Let your lifestyle define your storage plan.

Fold Clothes Appropriately

We all fall for the temptation to stash clothes into a drawer. However, taking a little time to fold all clothes nicely saves you loads of space. There are a few conventions on folding clothes, but none should limit you.

The style of folding your clothes should be guided by the length and height of your dresser. Additionally, learn several clothes folding life hacks online and perfect them. Teach your little ones to enjoy the fun of folding clothes.

Utilize Unused Floor Space

What are you doing with all that space under your bed and tables? If your house is pressed for space, these areas can come in handy for storing dirty clothes, basins, and utensils. Look for shallow bins that have wheels for easy pulling and pushing.

Be creative on where you can store stuff depending on how often you use it. Some people hook items on unused space on the ceiling. If this works for you, go for it. However, ensure that things are not unsightly around the house.

Keep Items Vertically

Many people believe in storing items from left to right or right to left. However, do not underestimate the vertical space. Things like books, films, and CDs are better stored vertically than horizontally. At the very bottom, keep items that are less used, out of season or worn out.

Take advantage of aerial space by investing in a firm ladder. Do not store large boxes or heavy equipment overhead. If it falls, it can cause bodily injuries or get damaged. The space above your fridge is perhaps the most underutilized area. Consider keeping family photos, cards, and decorations here.

Zone Out Your Fridge

Unlike your bedroom closets, the fridge is one storage area that you cannot dismantle. You will have to work with the compartments that come in it. Zone out the area so that you keep vegetables, meat, fruits, spices, and other food types separately.

Leftovers are often forgotten in the fridge. Making compartments in your house ensures that you take out food that needs to be consumed fast before it expires. Organize your pantry in the same manner so your family members can retrieve items fast.

Use Your Prime Real Estate Wisely

The space between your knees and shoulders is called the prime real estate. It is important to store items that you need and use most in this area. When something is out of is out of mind. Think of items that you reach out for frequently and have them within quick reach to save time and energy.

How do you maximize your home’s storage space?

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