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Automating Chores with the Trifo Robot Vacuum

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 Keeping up on those daily chores just got easier!  Read on the get all the specs on Emma, the essential Trifo Robot Vacuum and get the full review. 

Disclosure: I was sent a Trifo for review.  All opinions are my own. 

Trifo Robot Vacuum

Automating Chores, Saving Sanity

This year has been a learning year for me.  I have learned to let go, to breath, to relinquish control and to drop perfection at the door.  I have learned that I need help and that I need to speak up and ask for that help.  I have ADD and OCD and find it very difficult to accomplish things until everything is in its place and my house is one of those areas that can completely shut down my motivation and stall my productivity.  Working at home, remote schooling my children and 2020 in general have been eye opening but also have forced me to ask for help, to find items that can help my life balance and to save my sanity. 

Unboxing the Trifo Robot Vacuum

I needed to relinquish some of that control and automate chores a bit.  One of the areas that bothers me the most is our floors.  I can usually keep the house picked up and I follow a pretty strict cleaning routine, but those floors are always last on my list and often get neglected.  I have a very organized way to clean and it has to go in a particular order thanks to the OCD, however, it was not working and I was falling apart.  Enter the Trifo Robot Vacuum and a stern discussion with my husband about letting others help you imperfectly. 

Trifo Robot Vacuum

My husband and I had tried robot vacuums a couple years ago and I liked them.  I felt like overall, they did a decent job in between cleanings, however, they were not something that I was using regularly enough and the technology had not been developed to the extent I needed for them to be worthwhile.  However, I was approached recently and asked to test out the new Trifo Robot Vacuum and after reading about them online, I decided that I would give them another try. 

Trifo Emma user manual

We were sent the Trifo Emma, which is marketed as the essential robot vacuum.  Emma comes complete with the vacuum, charging station, power adapter and user manual.  Emma is built and ready to use after a quick in app set up and is able to be controlled in many different ways.  You can push the button on Emma, you can manually control her in the app or you can ask Alexa to turn on the vacuum.  

Emma the Trifo Robot Vacuum

Specs on Emma Trifo Robot Vacuum

When looking at the specs, I was looking for a few things that I felt like my previous vacuum lacked.  I wanted to be able to schedule the cleanings via an app, I wanted to see where my vacuum cleaned and the areas that were missed.  I wanted to be able to connect it to my smart home and I wanted to to be able to tackle the dog hair that NEVER stops.  The Emma Trifo Robot Vacuum does all that and more.  Check it out. 

  • Smart Navigation: Emma comes equipped with smart sensors to help her clean efficiently and effectively.  She moves through your home and is 3x faster that most random navigating robots. 
  • Scheduled Cleanings: You are able to use the App to set up a cleaning schedule and Emma sticks to it, sending you notifications as she works and as issues arise. 
  • More Power: Emma comes with an adjustable suction power up to 3000Pa which is 2x the suction of most other robot vacuums.  She picks up the tiny dust, crumbs, pet hair and more in a single pass.  In addition, she has a longer main brush, a six-clawed side brush and a much wider cleaning path.  Her dustbin is also much larger to help cut down on the frequent emptying. 
  • Longer Cleaning Time: The Trifo Robot Vacuum has a 110 minute runtime and when she is done, she automatically returns to her docking station to prep for her next scheduled (or unscheduled) cleaning. 
  • App-Enabled: The Trifo Home App allows you to have multiple robot vacuums with varying cleaning schedules.  You can adjust that suction power, set up the schedules, manually maneuver the vacuum, check the vacuum parts for maintenance needs and even connect to Alexa to run the Trifo with just a quick Alexa command. 

Emma Walkthrough

Watch our quick video to learn how to set up your Emma and how to use the app. 

Our Personal Review

I was very excited to get Emma into our home.  Honestly, after reading the specs, I felt like it had everything that I was looking for.  Overall, we really like the Emma Trifo robot vacuum.  Emma stays on her schedule, sends me notifications if she gets stuck or if she needs maintenance.  She cleans in a much more organized manner and I like that I can look in the app after she has completed a session and see if she missed any areas. I feel like the suction and the cleanliness of the floor is really great and I like that she changes her suction based on what type of floor she is cleaning and this happens automatically. 

Trifo Emma

Emma is not perfect.  She does get stuck under furniture but we have remedied this by placing some barriers to keep her from that.  The Alexa integration is hit or miss.  If Emma gets disconnected, she is not eager to reconnect, but when she is connected, she responds and cleans well.  Alexa is not a deal breaker for us.  Overall, automating this chore with Emma has been really calming and easy to do.  I am really happy with Emma and now we are looking at another one for the upper level.

If you want to automate your chores, make sure to check out Emma or any of the Trifo robot vacuums and use the code laurat_funk15 to save 25% through December 9th 2020.

Sharing is caring!

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