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How to Make Coasters with Cricut

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I am convinced you can do ANYTHING with your Cricut. I am so excited to share my tutorial on how to make coasters with Cricut using their wood products!

Disclosure: I am partnering with Cricut. All opinions are my own.

How to make coasters with cricut

Cricut Coasters

I am constantly changing up the decor in my home to fit the holiday or season and as my children get older, coasters are starting to become a necessity to keep our furniture in good condition. I often use Cricut Infusible Ink to make my coasters, however, I wanted to put together a coaster from the bottom up.

Cricut Coasters materials

I decided that I would be using my Cricut Maker 3 along with a few of their wood, felt and vinyl products to create some pretty epic Halloween coasters. Let me just tell you, the process might have taken a bit of time but I am absolutely enamoured with these coasters.

Materials for Cricut Coasters

You honestly could create these coasters with just a few materials, but I wanted to add a little pop to these so there are a few more items listed that you could probably forgo. Check the list, click the links and get these items now.

How to Make Coasters with Cricut

Start by using this design from my profile on Cricut Design Space. You want to set up four mats total. I put the felt and the basswood on the StrongGrip mats and secure each corner edge with masking tape to avoid any slippage. I use the StandardGrip mat for the walnut sheets and vinyl.

Materials to make cricut coasters

It is SUPER important when cutting the wood items that you pay close attention to the type of blade that your machine needs and how to place the wood on the mats as well as moving the guide wheels or you could damage your machine. Once everything is cut out, you can quickly begin assembling the coasters.

Placing holographic vinyl on basswood

I started by placing the holographic sparkle vinyl on the basswood. The vinyl is permanent and it should easily stick to the basswood. Once that I have the vinyl placed, I used the paintbrush to spread wood glue on a single side of the walnut veneer. I placed printer paper under this to help protect my craft surface.

painting wood veneer with glue

After the glue is painted, flip it over and place it onto the holographic vinyl. Felt is an optional material here, however, I think that it helps to protect my surfaces and so I always use it. I personally used hot glue to adhere the felt to the backside of the basswood, however, I think the wood glue would have also worked here.

gluing felt onto coasters

Once I had everything put together, I used an old textbook to press the coaster pieces together. The wood glue and the wood veneer are wet and thick and need the pressure for them to adhere while they dry. It might be a good idea to place plastic wrap as a barrier between your book and the wet coasters to avoid them sticking to the book.

Flattening wooden coasters together with book

After the coasters were dried together, I used a paintbrush to paint modge podge onto the surfaces of the walnut veneer. I did my best to avoid the holographic areas while painting this. The modge podge helped to seal the wood a bit and make it less porous to moisture.

How to make coasters with cricut

These coasters are perfection. They are just the right thickness and weight, they provide protection for my surfaces while also going along with the seasonal themes. If you loved these, please check out my other coasters like tropical coasters and bee coasters!

Do you love these Cricut coasters?

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.