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What to Wear to Beaches Turks and Caicos

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We are a week away from Beaches Social Media on the Sand. We are beyond excited and cannot wait to experience all the things.  What to wear seems to be a big conversation in our private group so I thought I would share What to Wear to Beaches Turks and Caicos.

What to Wear to Beaches Turks and Caicos

Beaches Turks & Caicos

In May my family was invited to attend Beaches Social Media on the Sand in Turks and Caicos.  I have watched this conference for 4 years and have always wanted to attend and each year I was not invited, was a big bummer, but I remained positive and finally we are headed to this incredible conference in just over a week!

Beaches Social Media on the Sand 2019

The kids are not going to attend with us, as Jason and I need a bit of adult time, but we are so excited to experience those pristine blue waters and all the amazing events and content that they are ready to throw at us.  I feel so honored and am just beyond ready to have my feet in the sand and a drink in my hand.

Preparing For Turks & Caicos

We have traveled to luxury resorts before, so packing for the beach and an all inclusive vacation is nothing new to us.  We usually take an adult trip to the beach about once every other year, but sometimes it is more.  Normally, I am much more prepared for a beach getaway, but with our house under renovation, we have not really had a moment to prepare.

Beaches Turks and Caicos

Thanks to Censie from Building Our Story for this Photo

I finally had a moment to check out the itinerary for our awesome trip and got around to making our packing list.  There has been a lot of talk in our private group about what everyone is wearing and what to bring and I am here to sharing what I am wearing to help other newbies like me get ready for this epic adventure!

What to Wear to Beaches Turks and Caicos

I am a notorious overpacker.  Like in my mind, I could live out of a carry-on for a week, but then I totally remember that I am the person who brings 3 pairs of shoes for an overnight stay.  In my defense, Colorado weather changes rapidly, so I have this always be prepared mindset. For Turks and Caicos, I am really going to keep it simple on the packing.  Check out my list below:

1. Swimsuits: I ordered swimsuits for me from HAPARI.  They are one of the sponsors of Beaches Social Media on the Sand, but I actually was a customer prior to this conference.  The suits are really well made and I really love the designs and style options.

Hapari tankini

2. Clothing for the Special Events: Social Media on the Sand is a conference for content creators.  Like most conferences they do have events and some of them are themed.  One such is a white party and I decided to purchase myself a cute little dress that I think will look great and I will feel very confident in.  I bought it on Amazon and it hits the front porch tomorrow!  There is also a Willy Wonka Party happening, but I think I will be making these outfits.

Tie front beach dress

3. Beach Cover Ups: When we are on our beach vacations, you can bet that I will be wearing some sort of a cover up when we are dining or just hanging out.  I LOVE this coverup that I also found on Amazon.

White beach rompher

4. Flowy Dresses:  Often when dinner hits, you are ready to get into something more than your swimsuits and coverups.  I am all about comfort, and love to bring flowy dresses with me to the beach.  From short to long, you can bed you will find me wearing a dress the majority of the time we are at Beaches.  I also got this dress on Amazon and as you can tell, I LOVE it.

Floral strapless dress with pockets

5. Headphones: I am all about relaxing on the beach, watching my favorite shows, or taking in a podcast.  For me, beach time is a time to catch up on things that I enjoy.  Having a quality pair of headphones is great and I am really excited to get my hands on xFyro AI-Powered Noise Cancellation wireless earbuds.

The xFyro earbuds are water resistant and have bluetooth 5.0 abilities.  You can also use them to access your digital assistants like google, alexa and siri.  They have superior sound and noise cancelling abilities along with an ergonomic design and a 100 hours of listening time.  These sweet headphones are definitely going in my luggage, beach tote, and basically everywhere with me from here until infinity.  If you are looking to purchase these, check out this link.

6. Sandals: I have a few options for sandals picked out for the week, but one pair that I ALWAYS take to the beach are my Crocs sandals.  They might not be the pretties, but the sand washes right off them, they float in water, they clean up easy and the dry quickly.

Crocs pink and grey sandals

Would you add anything to this what to wear to Beaches Turks and Caicos list?

Sharing is caring!

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