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Lostmy.Name Personalized Children’s Book #Giveaway & Review

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A couple months ago a friend of mine messaged me on Facebook about these adorable books that she had given each of her kids for Christmas that were personalized to the individual kid.  She told me I had to contact the company and check them out.  The books are by and I after contacting them to do a review and falling in love, I can definitely agree with my friend, these books are a must have. book review, giveaway, personalized children book

We actually received our book about 3 weeks ago and we love it.  The book is an adventure book based off the letters in my son’s name.  It is about a little boy who lost his name and goes on an adventure meeting all sorts of animals and mythical creatures that each start with a letter in his name. The ending is adorable and when my son saw his name printed in the book the first time, he lit up with excitement and had to show everyone!

Each night before bed we have book time, and every night for the last 3 weeks he has chosen to read HIS book.  He loves how vivid the pictures are and has even memorized some parts of the book.  He loves to tell me about each of the animals and how they share a letter with him.  It is too sweet and wonderful to see my son take such an interest in reading a book with such passion. book review, giveaway, personalized children book
The illustrations go beautifully with the storyline and are really vibrant.  I appreciate that the pictures are a little whimsical and the little stories that accompany each creature are funny too.  My son really likes the elephant part of his book because he is so forgetful and silly.  I love the aardvark and I think it is mostly due to how cute the little guy is drawn!  I love how beautifully this book is illustrated and how well it flows from creature to creature. 
The book is also made of quality environmentally friendly materials which as a science teacher/mom I truly appreciate that they are looking out for our world.  In addition they do not charge shipping and they ship to ANYWHERE in the world!  
To learn more about the book, please watch the short video below:

The Lostmy.Name company started out as a fun project for 3 dads and an uncle to create a unique name book for each kid.  After realizing that the undertaking was quite large the project turned into a “labour of love” where they have been able to literally create a unique storyline for EVERY name out there that makes sense and has beautiful illustrations.  The book comes in both male and female versions and is a wonderful gift to give the children in your lives.  I personally will be ordering one for our peanut soon!

I hope that you check them out on Facebook and on their website.  I feel like the books are well priced at around $25.00 and are something that your child will cherish.  I know mine does.  What a great gift to give your kid; something unique, beautiful and special that is all about them!

Oh but wait, there is more!  The Lostmy.Name company has been amazing to work with and has graciously offered one of my readers a personalized book of their very own!  If you would like a chance, please enter the rafflecopter form below!  It is open to anyone WORLDWIDE!  

Good Luck!


Disclosure: I received the above book for free for review, as always all opinions and ideas expressed here are my own and were not influenced.  I contacted them and love the book!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.