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Transformers Birthday Party Ideas

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Our little boy loves the Transformers.  So it was no surprise when he asked to have a Transformers birthday party.  I went to work pinning and coming up with ideas.  His party is in a couple weeks and will be at our family’s roller skating rink during a public session, so the decor and food will be limited but I still have a few ideas up my sleeve to really make the theme come alive.


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I designed this in Photoshop based off some ideas I had pinned, I love the idea of “transforming and rolling out” as we will be ROLLER SKATING!

Transformers birthday party decorations:

transformers birthday party
I plan on making a birthday banner similar to this and hang it on the wall by our party table.
These will also be great additions to our table as centerpieces and I plan on having them match the invitation.
I will probably place this sign in the centerpieces somewhere because it is adorable!
I ordered this set up from Oriental Trading for some more simple decor.

Overall, I have to keep it pretty simple as we only have 2 hours and I only have a few tables and a part of a wall to decorate.  I think it will still look great though!

The Boys Birthday Shirt:
transformers birthday party
I am not exactly sure how, but I am going to attempt to make him a shirt very similar to this.  I have always done one for my kids so I am hoping that I can pull this off, with a little help from my Silhouette.
Food & Beverages: 
transformers birthday party
We will be skating, So I plan on setting up some type of “refueling station” at our table for kids and adults to quench their thirst.  We will also be having pizza as that is what the rink offers.
My son is obsessed with a cake that looks very similar to this one that he saw at Target.  It is an easy item to check off my list for sure, however, I think he is only in it for the toys on the cake.
Transformers birthday party goodie bags:
transformers birthday party
I ordered this candy mold and will be attempting to make suckers to place in the goodie bags, I am hoping these turn out well!
I snagged some transformer themed recyclable bags like these for 0.30 in the Target bins along with some other transformer themed items.  I apologize to the girls because I am not going to do separate gender bags this go around.  There is coloring and masks and candy and all uniform items that will be stuffed in these bags.
I have been happily pinning away and I am sure I will find more stuff to pin as the weeks wear on.


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.