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School’s OUT!

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On Friday, I drove to work, enjoyed a wonderful breakfast with some amazing co-workers, won a duck, turned in my school keys, and came home to a quiet, clean house.  Summer.

Many people have asked me about the duck.  You see in our staff center we have about 30 teachers. Each of us has a little desk space and we all decorate our spaces and make them workable for us. My space has pictures of my kids all over it and is very organized and clean.  One of my retiring colleagues has had his taxidermy ducks in this office for 20+ years.  Last week he cleaned out his desk space and with that went the ducks.  Something about those ducks made our staff center feel like home.  So I started a rather loud and boisterous appeal to return the ducks.  I walked out of work on Thursday with the retiree who harbored the ducks and made one last plea for the ducks.  Friday I walked in to work and rushed to our student center where we were meeting for breakfast only to hear people talking of the duck!  When I returned to the staff center one of the ducks was flying high above my desk!  It was pretty much the best win ever!

On the topic of Friday, it was probably the last time my house will be super clean all summer.  That is fine with me.  We are home, we will keep it picked up but we will be spending more time laughing, playing, decluttering and enjoying this summer and less time in the car driving to and from work at early hours and late nights.

This summer feels different than last.  Last summer I was bogged down with my masters program work and 3 very demanding courses.  I was busy with my sisters wedding planning and had so much going on that it really did not feel like summer.  It felt like an extension of a rough year.  This summer, I have just one goal; REJUVENATE!

Yes, that means that I am spending time with my kids.  Spending time building my blog because this is my happy space.  We will be taking a wonderful trip and plan to camp and fish and boat as much as possible.  We will declutter this house of all the things and help others.  We will live with no schedule.

I contemplated bringing back the summer theme weeks this year, but I just can’t.  I want to fly by the seat of our pants and enjoy our time, doing whatever we feel like doing.  If we happen to land at the zoo or the museum or in the water then that is awesome.  If all we do is spend the day in our PJ’s eating junk food and watching cartoons that is great too.

Do you have any big summer plans?


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.