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It’s Saturday again! I am linking up with The Mommyhood Chronicles for the Top 5 Saturday laughs of the week.

Let’s Go!!!

1. We were at Home Depot last week and as we were walking through the store my son stops and yells “leaf blower!” Huh?!? Where did he learn that was my first thought. Then Eyan just kept saying, leaf blower, leaf blower, leaf blower. When I squatted down to tell him yes that is a leaf blower but we can’t hang out I realized that more than 15 people were standing around laughing at us.

2. The dishwasher attacked this week. I had decided to run it empty with some vinegar just to clean it up a bit and before I got to do that my hubby decided to take it apart which resulted in the dishwasher appearing to not spray the water correctly. We thought it was broken, so Jason kept holding down the latch button that makes the dishwasher think its closed when it’s really open. We watched it run through the rinse cycle and it looked broken until it hit the wash cycle. I was standing directly in front of it when “whoosh,” the water flew out and completely soaked me. It was damn funny!

3. Eyans tantrums just make me laugh now. He gets upset over who knows what and then lays on the ground and rolls around all dramatically whimpering. It looks so funny!

4. On Sunday we took Eyan swimming and he was just so adorable, he was going down the slide and splashing in the fountains! Everyday when I pick him up from Jen’s he asks to go swimming now! Too cute!

5. I forgot to share this a couple weeks ago, but I was in the middle of teaching and one of the “class clown” type kids gets up on top of her desk and lifts the ceiling tile then sits back down like nothing happened. I stop and start discussing her behavior with her (and the class). She responds “I’m sorry I was hunting rats!” what?!? There were no words, only hysterical laughing.

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.