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If Thanksgiving was a Contest…

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Thanksgiving was bound to be awesome.  It truly always is.  You see our Thanksgivings are not typical.  They start out normal.  Everyone preps a dish and gets dressed in their best.  I was pretty proud of this “daisy chain” hair style that I did on the princess. 
I tried to get a picture of the kids in their Thanksgiving best and this is the best I got. 

My sister and I went shopping the night before to find some cute little tops to wear and some fun new jewelry.  I loved this Lauren Conrad top that I snagged on clearance for $8.00!

We were instructed to dress up because for the first time in nearly 10 years EVERYONE would be at Thanksgiving so we must take a picture.  I brought my DSLR, learned how to use a small tripod I had and set up the most hysterical set up ever.  We propped the camera up inside the house on the tripod.  Opened a window and ran all 35 of us outside in the freezing cold fresh snow to get some fun pictures. 

I had a 10 second timer set, so I had to keep running back and forth to make it in the photo.

Everyone was really great about getting the photos done, even though it was literally freezing.  Even the dogs got in on the photo!

Three photos was our limit.  The littles could only last about 2 minutes. We did great!

My Aunt really wanted a photo with all her nieces, nephews and great nephew and niece (my kids). She had been trying to get this photo for years and finally succeeded.  I am the oldest out of the grandkids and the youngest is just 3 months old!

We sat down at one HUGE table to enjoy our extremely large meal.  We all brought so much food and had an extra turkey cooked just for leftovers.  My family sure can cook!

Our family is unlike most.  We own roller skating rinks…which is where we celebrate holidays.  So as you can see we immediately go to work jamming out, playing hockey dancing, racing on scooters and long boards and just laughing.  It was awesome!

This photo is hysterical.  The sister and I were skating and trying to show off our skates…then my husband threw a hockey ball at me.  It nailed my sister instead and took her out!

We laughed and laughed.  This was a beautiful Thanksgiving and we are truly so blessed to enjoy a wonderful holiday together with everyone.  

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours.  Hope your holiday was just a blessed with good food, family and special memories. 


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.