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Santa! I Know Him!

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I get that Thanksgiving has not even happened yet.  I truly do, but I despise lines with impatient two year olds.  So we have been getting to Bass Pro Shops early every single year to sneak in our Santa visit without the obscene lines and craziness.  So we got dressed up in our Santa best and headed to our local Bass Pro. 

The princess decided that this dress (size 12 months, hahaha) was her pick.  I was really hoping for the green flannel dress but whatever, you cannot argue with her, this turned out cute and even though it was a bit short in the arms the length worked out just fine.

This boy, that hat and his adorable sweater!  Love, love, love!  He did a great job picking out his Santa clothes. 

When it was our turn to see Santa (after waiting a total of 5 minutes), the princess and prince RAN up to the poor guy and jumped up on his lap.  Literally they could not wait to meet the man this year.  It was refreshing considering last year, the princess wanted nothing to do with him. 

Of course this was our “official” santa photo.  I love that Bass Pro Shops does the free photo and activities with Santa.  It really is great and honestly their customer service is beyond fantastic.  Activities, games, rides and Santa at ZERO cost to the consumer.  We love it.

Before we left our little guy had to remind Santa that he wanted a remote control robot.  He was so polite about asking for that robot and told Santa he was going to be the best ever and that he would take care of his robot. 

The princess requested “ELSA”, I literally have no clue which Elsa she is referring to, but regardless she was adamant that Elsa is what she wants and also said “Oh Thank You SO MUCH SANTA!”  Cutest thing ever!

We could not leave Bass Pro without riding the carousel.  For some reason this year neither of my children were super excited about this.  Either way they smiled for some photos…and they whined the rest of the ride. 

We survived!  I am sure next year will be a whole mess of chaos, but this year was great!  Hope your holiday season is fully of wonder, beauty, family and funny stories!
Happy Early Thanksgiving!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.