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Happy 7th Birthday

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Today you will wake up to the smell of fresh baked cake, with a yellow t-shirt on that proudly tells everyone around you that it is YOUR birthday.  You will want me to do something special with your hair and you will tell me how excited you are to have everyone sing happy birthday to you in class when I bring your cupcakes. 

Today my sweet princess, you are 7.  You challenge us every single day, you love harder than any person I think I know and man you are feisty.  This year has been one heck of a year of growth for you.  Both physically and emotionally.  You have really asserted yourself and you have began to discover just who you really are. You never allow anyone to hold you back and you will loudly (although in that tiny voice), let people know just what you need. 

You have grown so much!  I honestly cannot believe that we are almost fitting into clothing for your age group.  5 years ago I would have never thought we would be here.  You have just sprouted up and everyone that we run into smiles the biggest smiles and is just so happy to see that that tiny failure to thrive baby is thriving so hard. 

My goodness do you love your brother.  You told me the other day that you were going to marry him because he is such a good brother and you just can’t be without him.  You look up to him so much and you learn a lot from that stubborn brother of yours.  You two together are perfection and I love that you always make each other laugh and that you play all the time.  

You love to create.  Stories, pictures, drawings on the walls and doors.  The world is literally your canvas and you will craft and create all day long.  You spent a large majority of your weekend writing a beautiful story about a pirate family and a sea monster and you read it to each and everyone of us.  You are constantly making pictures and crafts for everyone you love and you give so much of your artistic soul to others it makes me beam with pride.

You live for the outside and for a challenge.  No one can tell you that you cannot do something.  You try anything and everything and you have zero fears.  I have never seen a kid live life so out loud as you and it really is a wonderful thing to watch you accomplish feats that even grown adults struggle with. 

You are a girly girl to a T.  Big bows, matching shoes, nails done, makeup and dresses, you absolutely need it all.  You still are working on matching your clothing, but you sure do love a good accessory and that jewelry box is full of all that at more.  You also live for Starbucks hot chocolate and cake pops and often talk me into a quick stop in.  

You are also the biggest mess around.  I swear that I clean up after you more than the other 3 people and 2 dogs in this house.  You absolutely HATE picking up your messes and although you will help me clean, you need me right there so we can have a full fledged discussion about life while we put every single barbie shoe in its place.  I honestly think  you just like to make messes so we can spend more time together…and I am ok with that. 

Happy 7th Birthday Sweet Girl.  My wish for you is that you continue to live life out loud!

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