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Extra Frustrated

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Yeah that is how you explain it.

So lets look at at a timeline. (I may be off a couple days but excuse me my mind sucks)

Nov. 22-positive pregnancy test

Dec. 15-light spotting, sent for ultrasound.  Showed babies growth was a week off what it should have been however there was a heartbeat.

Dec. 19- Doc calls and says my HCG levels are good but we need to do a 2nd blood test to see if the levels are increasing appropriately.

Dec. 21- 2nd blood draw

Dec. 23-Doc calls and says my HCG levels have not increased enough and a 2nd ultrasound is needed to determine viability.  Go for 2nd ultrasound and find that baby has not grown but there is still a very low heartbeat.  Am basically told baby is dying.

Jan. 26- Miscarriage happens.

Mar. 8- After 6 weeks of my “period”  I have an appt to figure out what the hell is going on.  Doctor wants to order a bunch of VERY expensive blood tests that I have to go to a draw center for.  (After waiting about a week I finally get around to calling the draw center and getting prices and comparing those to what my insurance would cover and find out that I would be paying almost all of it out of pocket…ummm that won’t work)

Mar. 22- Go in for blood work at my doctor office after a whole long ordeal and explanation…this should only cost me $30.00

April 4-Get results back and I have no genetic clotting issues however apparently my HCG level is still a 47!  WTF, there is no way in hell I am pregnant…hello I have had a period for almost 10 freaking weeks!

So where do we go from here?  Well we wait another 2 weeks and do another blood draw to see if they HCG is actually decreasing.  If it is not then I get to have a D&C…yay me :(.  Until this miscarriage I had no freaking clue that this could happen.  After doing some online reading I have found that that a few other women have had this same damn issue.  So at this point I would be 23 weeks “pregnant?!”  with what?  A hormone?  Ugh I give!

Oh and I also realized today that the reason I have probably been losing all this awesome weight (21 lbs as of this morning)  is because I still have that freaking hormone in my system.  Did you know that people are using HCG to lose weight..yeah well I am sure when this hormone is out of my system I will be gaining my stupid weight back…yay diabetes!  It is just enough already…enough!


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.