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Emberlynn’s 1st Birthday party!

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We did it!  We made it to ONE and had a fantastic party with our amazing family and friends who we cannot thank and cherish enough.  I kinda slacked on the photo front, but I did snap some!

The Birthday Outfit!  Krista Haffner Photography did a fantastic job again on the photos!
My friend Barbie with Sweet Pea a la Mode rocked her onesie!!! EEEK!
The Decor!
Remember this post where I posted my hopes and dreams of decor for this party?  Well I did it and didn’t hardly sleep!  I utilized my Cricut machine and basically made most of the decorations with that and a sticker maker machine too!  I love the Cricut craft room where you can download digital cartridges and organize your design on your mat prior to cutting to make sure you get the most out of your paper.  The only unfinished picture above is the elephant headband, which I added eyeballs too and you can see in the picture of her birthday outfit above.  Otherwise everything else was made with paper, and ribbon and some serious gluing skills.  If you want a tutorial, please leave a comment and I will get you one!
The birthday table spread!  I made favor bags and a cake stand and put a photo of Emmi from her 1 year shoot as well as her FINISHED scrapbook of the first year.  Yeah the scrapbook is a whole ‘nother post!

Baby peanut enjoying her party.  Yes we had it at our families skating rink!
The Cakes!
Can I tell you just how excited I was for the cake.  I found a few images on Pinterest of cakes and sent them to my friend Annie with Paynefully Delicious Cakes and she made magic happen!  She made 2 smash cakes.  The green one was for the photoshoot and the ombre one was for the party.  Seriously so affordable and DELICIOUS!  The bottom cake was courtesy of Target because well we kinda forgot about our guests (sorry folks) and had to order quickly.  

The Cake Smash!
Let’s just say this was not exactly how I expected this to go.  During her photoshoot she ate that cake…it was slow but she ate it.  During her party she wanted nothing to do with the cake.  She just wanted her mommy and literally barely touched the cake.  I think part of it had to do with the fact that I yelled to get everyones attention and that scared her and was immediately followed by the birthday song.  Ehhh whatever, we tried. 
The Presents!
We had well over 70 people at Emberlynn’s first birthday party.  In no way was I going to open all those gifts in a 2 hour time frame.  No I will not torture our guests with a fussy baby who loses interest quickly and throws tantrums that would rival a honey badger.  So we did them the next day.  I have tons of photos of present time, but here a couple of my favorites.  Ember LOVES Minnie Mouse and was all about kissing her stuffed Minnie.  Oh and then the diamond earrings.  Yeah, thanks grandma and grandpa…I had to wait 18 years for my first real pair…way to set her expectations high…ok just kidding, I love you (oh and BTW, my mom definitely did NOT pay $400.00)!


Sharing is caring!

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Fenella Jomes

Tuesday 25th of March 2014

Being a mother, planning for my child’s birthday party has always been fun and exciting for me. Every year I celebrate my child’s birthday with a specific theme. It is interesting to celebrate your child’s birthday with a theme as it doubles the entertainment of birthday party. My daughter’s birthday was in last month and this time I chose the theme based on a cartoon character Dora. When I asked her for the theme, she suggested me for this cartoon character. I decided to do the entire decoration accordingly and I ordered some special themed balloons from Along with this, I also used some decorative craft items for decoration. As mother I wanted the very best for my daughter and it turned out to be great.


Tuesday 18th of March 2014

It was a great birthday!! :)

Tatanisha Worthey

Monday 17th of March 2014

what a fun birthday party! And she is just adorable!

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