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Emberlynn’s 1st Birthday Ideas

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So I sent these out a couple weeks ago:

Elephant Birthday Invitations

Naturally I cried a bit, because my little baby is almost 1!  ONE!  Like how did that year just fly by? Sometimes I am so thankful she is the tiniest 1 year old ever, but seriously it feels like I just had her and I cannot believe that next week we will be celebrating her first birthday with tons of awesome friends and family!

But then I got over the whole “my baby is still a baby but just a one year old and I am losing my damn mind” moment.  I quickly realized it was time to really get some planning going.  Truthfully these are all still ideas.  I have her outfit planned, I have her 1 year photo outfits (which OMG! You all might die of cuteness!) and I have her cake ordered but otherwise, I have jack crap ready for her party.  Looks like this weekend is going to be quite a busy weekend.

So as you can see we are doing an elephant theme (of course) and it is purples and greys and greens (naturally).  I created a board on Pinterest and here are some of my favorites (that I think I can pull off) below:

Elephant Birthday Ideas

1. The hat…OMG I am making this hat, I have no clue how, or what I will use but her cake smash photos will include this hat!
2. The ombre cake!  I still have yet to decide what I am doing for the 100 other people at her party, but for her, this is what I ordered.
3. This banner is happening!  I have a Cricut, I have this ability, this will happen.
4. The bow.  In addition to the hat my poor overdressed, extremely volatile child will probably be sporting this bow…maybe on top of the damn hat.
5. The marshmallow peanuts.  Cute little snack favor…no idea where to get these.

I have more ideas, no time and about 40 pages of Emberlynn’s scrapbook to finish before Thursday.  So well with the way life has been going if the hat gets done and people get fed, life will be fantastic and regardless my baby will be ONE…and still a baby!


Sharing is caring!

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Thursday 6th of March 2014

Cant wait to see what you come up with!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.