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Brightening Up The Yard with Brightology

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Our yards are extensions of our home.  Upkeep on the outside is just as important as the inside.  Check out how we brought some sophisticated warmth by brightening up the yard with Brightology!

Disclosure: I am partnering with Brightology.  All opinions are my own. 

Brightening up the yard with Brightology


Brightening Up The Yard

I love living in Colorado.  We have over 300 days of beautiful sunlight and honestly the weather is usually pretty nice on the plains.  I thrive on vitamin D and learned a long time ago that I am someone that has to keep a close eye on my levels and make sure that I am getting outside often.  So even though it is winter in Colorado, I take all opportunities to get outside and soak in the vitamin D, while I brighten up the yard. 

Brightology flamebrite review

I usually take warm winter days to clean out our garden, pick up dog poop, wash windows and lately I have become a little obsessed with adding some ambient lighting to really make those flower gardens pop.  Since most plants in Colorado are dormant right now, I find a bit of joy in the little ceramic gnomes, animals and bugs that I have acquired and I wanted to have these little guys lit up during the evening.  Enter Brightology FlameBrite solar flame steak lights.

FlameBrite Solar Lights

I have to admit, my neighbor down the street has these amazing solar lights that look like they are a flickering candle and everytime we drove by, I told my husband that I wanted those lights.  I was elated to find these Brightology  FlameBrite Solar lights that elevate the warmth of our exterior home while illuminating the gardens I just adore. 

solar lighting in front yard

I ordered their package of 20 (which are 20% off RIGHT NOW), and began to place them throughout the front and backyard areas.  I love that they are decorative during both the day and night, durable, eco-friendly and super simple to install.  A quick removal from the packaging, flick of the power switch and steak placement and these solar lights are ready to bring a sophisticated glow to your home too!.

Brightology solar light switch

My husband initially told me to start with just the 4 pack of lights, but I wanted ALL the lights and I am so happy that I purchased the largest set from Brightology.  Even in the winter, with the frozen ground I was able to place my lights.  I did have to use a screwdriver to poke a hole in the ground (more out of fear that I would break my precious lights), then with some slight pressure, I pushed each light into the hole and waited for the evening to hit.

Installing wireless solar lighting

Set up was a breeze and honestly, I love that the entire set up is solar with no constant battery or upkeep.  There are no wires, no expensive installation and with the dawn to dusk light technology these FlameBrite solar lights turn on automatically.  Time to enjoy this brightened up yard. 

Classy Solar Lighting

I could not wait for it to be evening and for that sun to go down.  I seriously was checking for hours after these lights were placed.  The moment that the lights turned on and began that warm classy flickering that I had been dreaming of, my little heart was beaming. 

Candle flickering solar lighting

They look amazing, they bring so much to my little spaces and I love that even during the daytime they do not look out of place or too plain.  I adore my little gardens and love that I can enjoy them in both the day and night and they look incredible.  Even in our backyard which actually has a lot of light coming from surrounding houses, the Brightology lights bring a classy invitation to just enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of our outdoor spaces. 

how to brighten up the yard

If you are looking to brighten up the yard or just have some beautiful ambiance with a bit of unique flare to it.  Be sure to check out Brightology.  They offer an incredible selection of both indoor and outdoor lighting for every space.  Their products are well made, with quick shipping and attention to detail. You can click this link to save 15% now as well!

If you want to transform your living space and brighten up the yard, check out Brightology now!

Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.