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Parents You Need to Bookmark Brainly NOW!

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Parents everywhere are starting to look forward to school being back in session and are prepping school supplies, clothes and more. Well while you are doing all that school prep, make sure to bookmark Brainly too! 

Disclosure: I am partnering with Brainly.  I was not compensated.  All opinions are my own. 

Bookmark Brainly Now

What is Brainly?

Brainly is an amazing resource for students and parents that you need to bookmark right now!  It is a FREE online resource where kids can help other kids with their homework.  It is that simple and it will make parents’ lives easier when it comes to helping with homework as this upcoming school year approaches!

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Even as a science teacher, I know that I am not always the best at helping my own children with their homework.  My own children’s teachers can tell you that I have sent them panicked messages and emails asking about questions that my children were melting down over.  We will definitely be bookmarking and using Brainly this year and hopefully cut down on those frantic messages. 

Bookmark Brainly

How easy is brainly to use and why should I bookmark this? This is the question parents and our kids want to know.  I mean honestly, homework can be tough and the last thing that we need to add on is a resource that is difficult to use.  Well, Brainly is EXTREMELY simple to use.  You can create an account or just type in a question in to the search box.  A list of answers (both verified and not) are populated and your child can skim through the results and learn why the answers are the best chosen.  

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Kids are able to learn from other kids and can also reaffirm their own learning by answering other kids questions too!  There are over 150 million students ready to answer questions and those questions are typically answered within 10 minutes of posting.  Students can classify their questions based on subject and get points for answering questions as well.  Those points help students rank up higher and encourage kids to help others out more. 

Why Kids Should Sign Up

Child using Brainly

I had my son sign up this week.  He spent some time checking out the site and asking some questions that he was interested in.  We also bookmarked it on his web browser so that he could easily remember how to access it when that 4th grade homework comes rolling in.  Already I am glad we are signed up and here is why we think you should sign up your kids too:

1. Easy & Free access to homework questions: 

We all know the almighty Google is free, but sifting through the thousands of answers being unsure which is the best is not easy.  Brainly takes your child’s question and is answered by other students who have learned or are learning the same material in real time.  Their direct question is answered and there is no sifting required. 

2. Learning While Helping

We have always been told that if we can teach what we have learned then we know the material.  What a better way to reinforce that learning then to have your kid spend some time helping others.  Not only are they reinforcing their learning, but they are also being good humans and we all want good humans!

3. Lower That Homework Stress

Honestly, some of the biggest stress around homework in our home comes from me saying “I am not sure, I don’t remember learning this”.  I am sure you have said that to your child and boom, the frustration and stress increases.  We can stop saying that!  We can tell our kids “let’s learn that together and see what Brainly knows!”  Boom, stress is lowered for both you and your kid and bonus, you both learn together!

Are you ready to bookmark Brainly?


Sharing is caring!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.