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You MUST Check Out Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster

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Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas are an experience you just need to have.  From the venue to the service and food, everything is top notch.  Check out our experience at the brand new Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster!

Disclosure: We were invited to Alamo Drafthouse.  All opinions are my own. 

The Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster, Colorado

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

If you have never experienced an Alamo Drafthouse, you are seriously missing out. We have been to a few movies at these amazing theaters and every single time it has been a great experience.   Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas are eccentric multiplexes that feature great movies, awesome food and yes, good drinks too. 

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

We recently visited the brand new Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster, Colorado and it was incredible.  Walking in to the stunning foyer, you will see touches of old and new but in a very modern way.  The friendly staff is eager to greet you and recommend a great movie, you can skim through the awesome merchandise and relive some of your favorite movie and TV moments or stop into Pandora’s Box for a quick snack and drink. 

Alamo Drafthouse Merch

Priding themselves on creating the best cinematic experience, Alamo Drafthouses are passionate about film, both the new blockbusters and the classics.  The decor in the Alamo Drafthouses is a nod to those incredible classes and is beautifully pulled together to make you feel like you just stepped into a classic movie yourself. 

Theater 1 at Alamo Drafthouse Westminster

We easily spent a good 30 minutes just checking out the main entrance areas to the Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster.  My kids loved the entrance to theater 1 and had a little fun with it.  You just need to check it out to really appreciate the incredible craftsmanship and love that went into designing this amazing cinema.  I mean just look at the beautiful bar inside of Pandora’s Box. 

Pandora's Box at Alamo Drafthouse

Incredible Service

One of the reasons that my family and I keep coming back to Alamo Drafthouse is because the service and experience is incredible.  We love that you have reserved seats, that the seats recline and although it is clearly geared towards an adult audience, the Alamo Drafthouse has made an effort to create special experiences for the little guests and families as well. 

Alamo Drafthouse Theater Seating

When you get into your set at the theater, you will notice that each seat has its own table and each table is fitted with pens and paper and a menu.  You can request a children’s menu as well.  The wait staff will greet you and if you have never been, they will walk you through the ordering process.  You do not have to order anything and they only come by if you put your paper up.  The staff is courteous, passionate and super helpful.  They make you feel right at home and service is something that absolutely keeps people coming back 

The Food

I mentioned above that you do not have to order anything, but you are going to want to order because the food here is incredible.  My mom is not really a movie going person, but if I mention that we are going to Alamo Drafthouse, this lady will talk her way into going with us…because food.  

Loaded Fries at the Alamo Drafthouse

We love their fried pickles and order at least 2 of these, but my all time favorite is their loaded fries.  Crispy fries, loaded with hatch green chili queso, sriracha sour cream, bacon, cilantro and scallions these are a spicy but flavorful dish!  There is a ton on their menu and you can check it out online as well.  We love that the kids menu has tasty options and meal deals too!

Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster 

As I mentioned, we just visited the brand new Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster Colorado.  We have been driving almost an hour to our closest one and now our drive is cut to just 20 minutes!  We are so glad to have one closer to us and had to take in a little movie last week.  We attended during their training week and honestly, you wouldn’t know there was training going on.  The place ran so smoothly and our experience was top notch as always.  

Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster Colorado

The Westminster location is beautiful, large and has so much to offer to this community.  Make sure to make reservations and check out a movie and get the full Alamo Drafthouse experience now!  Our family will definitely be going back and we are so happy to welcome them to the Denver suburbs!

If you want to check out more about Alamo Drafthouse in Westminster or see if they have one in your area, please check out their website!

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Kim Henrichs

Friday 12th of July 2019

I live in Austin where they originated and once I moved here and started going, it's SO hard to see a movie anywhere else. LOVE alamo!


Monday 15th of July 2019

They are AWESOME! Totally spoiled there and absolutely love going to them!

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